Letters to the Editor Dec. 15

Crown Jewel

(In response to, “In our town,” a letter by Sue Howard, The Citizen newspaper, Dec. 1, page 6.)
Thank you Sue Howard
Dear Editor,
Mrs. Howard, in response to your request for some thoughts from your “In Our Town” letter a few weeks back…
Miss Fran certainly is a “Jewel in Our Crown”. Our children all benefitted greatly from her love for children and love for reading. Our adult son recently visited from out of town. When we made a trip to the Brandon library with his 4 year old, Miss Fran not only remembered him, but remembered a particular activity he attended – even though he and his own mother could not provide the detailed memory she shared. When teaching preschool in the Clarkston area, I always chose a field trip to the Brandon Library because there was no one better than “Miss Fran”.
But Mrs. Howard – you forgot another “Jewel.” We moved to Brandon Township 28 years ago and when we asked for someone who taught art, we were directed to you. Your name came up several months ago in conversation with our now adult daughter who shared that her after school art lessons in your home were a very special childhood memory. “I always enjoyed it there, it was a peaceful place. They always had NPR on the radio. Art lessons were so meaningful to me but it wasn’t just about the art for me, it was a safe place where I could relax and reflect.”
Our son also reflected, “We always had the freedom to explore the art that we were most interested in. Rather than saying “we’re going to draw birds today,” Mrs. Howard gave us a set of materials and let us use them how we wanted to. She may have offered helpful instruction on technique, but the creative expression was all ours. That’s something that wasn’t as common in school art classes, or even certain other art classes we’d taken. But now having a child in a progressive pre-school environment, it’s plain for me to see how vital and beneficial that type of creative freedom is.”
Our son has since gone into a career in graphic design and our daughter continues to find relaxation in a variety of art activities. Thank you, Mrs. Howard, for sharing your gifts with our children and so many others. While I’m sure you weren’t expecting a response to your letter to be about you, after reading it, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to thank you once again for all you’ve given our community over the years.
Marla Dixon

New World Order

Dear Editor,

George H W Bush changed the course of world history! When Bush was elected in 1988 the winds of freedom were blowing around the world. Thanks to Reagan, the Communist regimes’ in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were falling like dominoes. The people of China were in the streets protesting Communism and crying out for freedom.
Bush, however, had other goals; he was a supporter of Global government in the belief that the United Nations was the answer to world peace. When China crushed the demonstrations in Tiananmen Square, killing over 10 thousand citizens, the UN looked the other way.
Bush denounced Chinas actions but, instead, professed his support of the New World Order and began the quest for, so called free trade agreements. Bush negotiated NAFTA which fellow Globalist, former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, called the “architecture for the New World Order”.(Google: George H W Bush new world order speech.)
Bush couldn’t get the votes to ratify NAFTA but his fellow Globalist, Bill Clinton, got enough Democratic votes to pass the trade agreement. Clinton went on to give China the means to become a world power through the World Trade Organization.
Bush 43 and Obama continued the direction of our government to Global Government.
It should be noted that Global Government would override our court system and Constitutional rights.
By electing Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton, 2016 was supposed to be the Globalists’ final move toward the New World Order. Fortunately, Donald Trump stepped in and was elected President wanting to keep America a free and independent nation.

   The election of Trump stopped the New World Order in its tracks. This is why Globalist Republicans and Democrats are conducting a “Civil War” using everything possible to remove Trump from office and returning America to a course of returning to Bush’s dream of a World government.

Walt Dilber

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