Letters to the editor April 7

Thank you
Dear Editor,
We would like to say a special thank you to the Village Funeral Home and staff for the wonderful job they did for us on our father James King’s funeral. Not only were they professional, Mr. Langolf was so caring and compassionate with my mother and us during our grief. Your kindness in our most difficult time will never be forgotten
The family of James King
(In response to letters by Lisa Ksiazek, Paul Lucas and Dale Bond, The Citizen, March 31, page 6-7.)
Dear Editor,
On Saturday, just after 1:30 p.m. I heard the mail truck in front of my house. On Saturday, The Citizen newspaper comes and no matter what I am doing, I drop everything and go to the mailbox for the paper. I sit in my easy chair and read the paper from front to back. This makes my day
Thanks to David Fleet and Allison and the staff for doing such a great job of putting out a quality newspaper for all of us to enjoy.
On reading the ‘Your Thoughts’ section (in The Citizen), I would like to comment on some of the articles.
Lisa Ksiazek was right on the money with bad people with guns kill people. A gun is only a tool, like knives, baseball bats, arrows, hammers, axes, spears, hatchets and cars. You can be killed with a nail if it is stuck in the right place. If you put one of these tools in the wrong hands, like a sick person, then bad things can happen. No matter what kind of background checks they do, a bad person will always find a way around it. You can check a person that seems to be 100 percent okay, and then they pop a few pills or drinks or smoke some grass and then you got a person that even their mom or dad can’t believe what they turned out to be and what they have done.
I have been dealing with firearms for many years and I try to keep up to date on the gun laws and different types of firearms. There is really no gun that I would label an assault rifle, I could assault someone with an air rifle, or a 30-30 caliber deer rifle or shotgun and this would be an assault. Anyway you look at it. I am also an avid hunter and I eat wild meat just about every day. I like to say if I don’t shoot it or grow it in my big garden, I try to avoid eating it.
I would also say thanks to Paul Lucas on his article that was enjoyable for me to read. He did a great job and its easy to see that he is level headed and he knows what he is talking about. Paul seems to be the kind of person that would be enjoyable to talk with on hunting and outside sports.
I think Mr. Dale Bond is probably a nice person and means well and is only expressing his own opinion which is okay. Maybe if he reads a little more on fire arms and their laws he will better understand what Mr. Lucas and Lisa Ksiazek are saying.
I hope everyone is having a great day. Great job Lisa and Paul.
Ken Davis Sr.
From, The Citizen Website, thecitizenonline.com
(In response to, Phone free school zone, a letter by Jim Lusty, The Citizen, March 17, page 7)
Dear Editor,
These children are trying to change their world, are immune to your consultation, they are quiet aware of what they are going thru.
Bonnie Beltramo
(Responses to, ‘Village council grapples with appointments,’ The Citizen, March 31, page 1)
Dear Editor,
Downtown Development Authority Act 197 of 1975, Section 125.1654
“…Not less than a majority of the members shall be persons having an interest in property located in the downtown district or officers, members, trustees, principals, or employees of a legal entity having an interest in property located in the downtown district. Not less than 1 of the members shall be a resident of the downtown district, if the downtown district has 100 or more persons residing within it….”
Joe Fros
Dear Editor,
So the village manager can be the mayor of another city but the current superintendent of our own school system is not fit to serve in a volunteer position? I am not a village resident, however I have served on the DDA board, and I sponsor many of the village activities. I feel personally insulted by these remarks. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.
Jason Gault
(In response to a Web post by Jason Gault)
Dear Editor,
Jason thank you for all the sponsoring you do especially the lunch and learn series the dda is putting on to help small businesses in our local area. With that being said I too am severely disappointed with the boards decision and I do hope Dr Outlaw isn’t taken back too much by our unwelcoming village counsel. It’s the DDA goal to make downtown a nicer one and superintendent Outlaw would have been a great resource for us to get volunteer work in the community.
Jason Kratt, DDA volunteer
Dear Editor,
Question . . . does the DDA capture tax dollars from businesses in the DDA, that could go to the Brandon school district? If so, it would only seem appropriate for Mr. Outlaw to be on-board.
Don Rush
From The Citizen Facebook
(Responses to, ‘Village council grapples with appointments,’ The Citizen, March 31, page 1)
Dear Editor,
So we have people with zero construction experience voting to allow or disallow Downtown Development Authority members to join? Doesn’t the word development disqualify people who don’t know anything about development?

Eric Lee
Dear Editor,
How incredibly short sighted. Hamilton’s is one of the few constants in the business district and Dr. Outlaw is responsible for the next generation. Ortonville needs a diverse collection of people to work together…this exclusionary attitude is a loss for us all.
Andrea Karmeisool Austin
Dear Editor,
How amazingly sad and narrow minded. But to actually articulate “I don’t know him”, I feel is even worse. So, based on this statement, if you’re not ‘known’, even though you work, spend money in Ortonville, visit, attend functions and events, you’re not ‘known’. Maybe that’s the solution needed for the DDA, new ideas and new eyes. Paul is an asset not only to Hamilton’s, but Ortonville as well. Council missed the mark on this one without a doubt.
Sue Fleming-Taylor
Dear Editor,
Wow. I don’t think you could find better people for this position, honestly. I’ve had several face to face conversations with Outlaw, and I’m here to tell you, he is a very smart man… and he is very good for the community. I’m not sure what is up with this council… but dang.
Heather Wills
(In response to, Locals gather for ‘March for Our Lives,’ The Citizen, March 31, page 3)
Dear Editor,
Good to see locals standing for what they believe in. Apathy is too easy to succumb too when one is surrounded by those who have opposing views.
Eric Lee

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