Letters to the Editor Aug. 1, 2020

(In response to, “You tend to your business, I’ll tend to mine,’ a column by Don Rush, July 25, page 19)
Mr. Rush, ‘what are you thinking’
Dear Editor,
Mr. Rush, Either you flunked basic high school science, are totally medically clueless or perhaps just willfully ignorant— maybe all three?  Unless of course you were writing in jest, but I do not think you were in your July 25th column titled, “You tend to your business, I’ll tend to mine”. The following sentences in your  hop-scotching  ramble about Covid-19 and masks caught my attention.
“Personally, cause I am the only person I can control, I wear a mask when I go into stores. Since I’m not a person of scientific brain inclinations (a fancy word of saying I ain’t too bright), I do not know if it’s protecting me or anybody else. I do know it makes others feel better, so why not. No big whoops.  I am still free to have my own thoughts and pursue my happiness a long as it does not infringe on anther’s.  At the same time, my undies don’t  get wadded in a bunch if I see someone without a mask.”
What are you thinking?  Your undies should be in  real tight bunch.   The United States Covid-19 death toll is over 150,000 and soaring.
In case you are not paying any attention as of July 26th  1,071 citizens of Oakland County have died from Covid-19 and the County has documented 10,553 cases.  Mask wearing is all about respect for community and public health.  Your  mask ramble makes about as much sense as saying if someone else drives drunk you do not care, because you are driving sober.   Not wearing a mask infringes on others as clearly as drunk drivers infringe on the life of sober drivers.
Just in case you do not know, mask wearing protects both the user and perhaps more importantly those around them.  Your column was certainly  devoid of any empathy and perhaps exposed your own hypocrisy and certainly confirmed your profound lack of knowledge about science and public health.   Maybe the White House would like you as a writer? Respectfully yours Jonathan Schechter
Schechter is a front-line ER Paramedic in an Oakland County hospital

(In response to, “The white-washing of history ain’t my cup o’ tea,’ a column by Don Rush, The Citizen, July 4, 2020, page 8)
Good job Mr. Rush!
Dear Editor,
I hope everyone took the time to read the Don Rush article in the July 4 issue. He approached one of today’s hot issues without politics but with common sense fortified by research.
We are supposed to learn from the past so destroying monuments and statues does not change anything as the problem still exists without the reminders.
Do read this article as it is unbiased, full of facts and common sense especially when he states, “Let’s talk openly and honestly about the things so we do not repeat them.”
Good job Mr. Rush!
Joy Teachenor

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