Letters to the Editor August 13, 2022

What is pro life?
Shouldn’t government deciding to end abortions understand embryology? Long term consequences? Responsibility for both parents?
Most seeking abortion for reasons other than medical issues do so in the first trimester, when the fetus is not viable and there is no brain. It takes 28 weeks until the embryo senses touch , hearing and smell. Do those who are against abortion consider taking a brain dead person off of life support murder?
The person half (or more) responsible for the pregnancy is never mentioned in the anti-abortion laws. If we care about the unborn child aren’t both parents responsible? Why is it not mandatory we all provide our DNA to be registered in an international data bank, so that both mother and father pay their share in the cost of pregnancy (health care, loss of wages etc) and in the upbringing of the child?
If those against abortion care about life, could we then also use such registry to harvest an organ for a child that needs one , where we can live  without one ?
Should we make it mandatory to adopt an unwanted child before we “create” our own?
If we force fetuses being diagnosed with chromosomal or other abnormalities to be born, should we not first have the resources to take care of those children after being born ? And after their parents are no longer there to help them through life? All the parents of such children I know are struggling as this country is not willing to take care of that issue.
If you consider life to end with the last breath, would then life start at first breath?
Anita Bakker

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