Letters to the editor Dec. 29

Dear Editor,
Christmas Eve luminaries in Ortonville is a tradition shared with multiple generations, out of town family and friends, social media photos opportunities, and new and seasoned visitors alike. Thank you for the gifts of time and labor from many generous volunteers who stepped away from the holiday bustle of shopping, decorating, cooking, and cleaning to assemble and distribute almost 2,500 luminaries. The Ortonville Christmas Eve luminaries lighting up our village is another sign of hope, unity and love that our small town shares together this holiday season.
Tonja Brice
Village President
Thank you
Dear Editor,
As the director of the Brandon Community Closet and founder of the Ortonville Area, Neighbor Helping Neighbor group I would like to thank and recognize those that have helped out our community “neighbors” that are experiencing a bit of a rough time.
Thank you to all of the volunteers that sort and man our clothing closet. Without them we would not be able to have our closet open 2 days a week.
To those that donate to the closet, thank you for stocking the closet with items that our neighbors can shop for.
For Pastor Matt Bailey who invited the Neighbor Helping Neighbor group to partner with the Brandon Community Church of the Nazarene in creating the clothing closet and providing a welcoming location for it.
To Dr. Jonathan Garretson who has partnered with us along with the Ortonville Lions club, to provide free eye exams and glasses to children in the community whose parents don’t have the funds for the service
And to the Brandon Student Council who just donated 60+ bags filled with hygiene products, laundry soap. food, adorned with an inspirational quote. These bags will be distributed through the clothing closet to our neighbors who shop there. These students have also been working with our volunteers to sort, hang up and keep the closets clean and neat, What a wonderful gift they have provided to our special families.
We have an amazing community of caring neighbors.
Merry Christmas
Esther Skiba
Dear Editor,
As we approach the end of 2018, it is at this time of year I reflect on the generosity which our community has poured out for our neighbor in need.
As the Christian Service and OCEF Food Pantry Director, I have firsthand knowledge of how caring and generous our beautiful community can be, I see it every day. From the generous support for our food pantry, the food donations, assistance from our schools, businesses, individuals, organizations, and so many different ideas people come up with to help.
Thank you seems like two small words, but they are being expressed with true emotion, thankfulness, and awe of what our wonderful community can do. I have seen all the different ways our community has come together to help our other neighbors and friends which needed a helping hand, and each time it takes my breathe away! I have said this often, and I just have to say it again, I have lived in many different states, and been active each place I have resided, but there is NO PLACE LIKE OUR BGO COMMUNITY, I AM SURE OF THAT!!
To everyone who offered a prayer, a can of corn, apples, potatoes, eggs, fruit, vegetables, coats, hats, mittens, clothing, volunteering their time, and all the monetary donations; have been a blessing to so many. Thank you everyone, and Happy New Year!!
St. Anne Church