Letters to the Editor Dec. 5, 2020

Thank you Ortonville
Dear Editor,
To the Ortonville Village Council:
Now that the local election is over, I have decided to step down from my position as Ortonville Village Trustee.
From the very start, my place of employment and required travel has made it a challenge to commit the time I believe is necessary to be the effective trustee I desired to be. However, the challenge was always worth it’s while because I believed in the honorable and conservative motivation the previous council had to create a more stable and solid foundation for the Village.
I am proud to be part of what was accomplished during my term and was honored to help protect the income and environment of the Village as I would my own.
The seats of the Council have now changed. I no longer believe I can be effective or support the indicated direction the new Council will look to lead the Village in.
I will not miss the level of toxicity, deception and personal attacks cast at the previous sitting council but am grateful for all this experience and have been blessed with so many new connections and friends.
To the Village of Ortonville, I would like to thank everyone who put me in office and supported me.
Beware, it is no time to be uninformed on what’s going on in this community.
Best Regards,Trustee
Mark Robinson

Thank you
Dear Editor,
On Nov. 14, Bearss Fitness & Ivy Rehab sponsored a Ruck Walk for Veterans to raise money for Ortonville VFW Post 582 through donations.
The walk was a great success raising $672 in a difficult year with limited fundraisers available. The community stepped up and donated to help the VFW that has 16 charities and programs we support in the schools and scouts. Joshua Bearss owner and Sean Duffy manager are a great addition to our community thank you and the 30 plus walkers.

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