Letters to the Editor Jan. 4, 2020

Thank you
Dear Editor,
On behalf the Edna Burton Senior Center I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following businesses for their donations of goods and services in the year of 2019: ACE Hardware, Advanced Physical Therapy (Goodrich), Bueche’s Food World, Bullfrog’s, The Citizen newspaper, Hungry Howies, IVY Rehab, Jett’s Pizza, MacPhees, O’Malley’s, Papa Bella’s, and Tropical Smoothie (Ortonville).
There are also many volunteers that I would also like to thank: Linda Person, Corky Loftus, Marylou Williams, Annette Beach, Sharon Skelton, Pete Kier, Mike Randall, Lonnie Dew, and Marge (exercise). Also the Meals on Wheels volunteers; Stan, Carol, Mike, Herb, Scott, and Bob. If I have missed any individual or business, I apologize.
The senior center is lucky to have such wonderful businesses and individuals to help make the center and it’s activities a more enjoyable place to be. Thanks everyone and I hope to see you all come and visit the center or attend one of the many activities that we have in 2020.
Sincerely, Faye Bindig, Edna Burton Senior Center coordinator.

(In response to “Honor your oath,” a letter by Dale Bond, The Citizen, Dec. 28, page 6)
Don’t look foolish
Dear Editor,
Mr. Bond, I read your letter to the Editor in the 12/28 edition of The Citizen. Sometimes sir you come up with the craziest ideas. To even suggest that Mr. Graham and McConnell would say such a thing as you report is flat out ludicrous! I can’t decide if you just heard something wrong and have misquoted them out of context or if you forgot to take some of your meds….again.
Please try not to make yourself look so foolish, it’s starting to be painful for the rest of us.
Paul S. Lucas

Car insurance savings
Dear Editor,
Since the day I took office, one of my highest priorities has been to lower the cost of car insurance for Michigan families. I’ve heard from residents throughout our communities who simply can’t afford the cost of driving their vehicle. As a Michigan driver myself, I’ve shared in these frustrations for years. We pay some of the highest auto insurance premiums in the nation. It’s not fair and it’s time we do something about it.

Earlier this year, I proudly voted in support of a historic, bipartisan plan to bring more coverage options and guaranteed rate relief to every Michigan driver.
And now, I’m pleased to report the plan is working, and drivers will see significant savings in just a few months.
The first sign our reforms are paying off came when the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) recently announced it will cut its annual per-vehicle assessment by more than half for the year-long period beginning July 2, 2020. That means every Michigan driver will pay $100 per vehicle, down from the current $220 per vehicle – a 55 percent savings.

At $100, the MCCA’s assessment is at the lowest rate since 2003. Our plan was crafted to provide real, long-lasting savings for drivers, and this latest announcement proves it’s already working.
The even better news is that the lower MCCA fee is just the first of many reductions that drivers can expect to take effect as these reforms progress. Many more opportunities for savings will become available when the new law officially goes into effect next July. The new law will continue to provide relief for years to come by offering drivers more choices, combating fraud and ending price gouging on medical services for crash survivors.
Michigan is the automobile state, so it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to own and operate a vehicle here. Our state is moving forward in the right direction – lowering car insurance costs and maintaining the nation’s best medical coverage for every driver who chooses it. We couldn’t have made these reforms without the input from Michigan residents who fought for it. I stand with each of you in the fight, and I look forward to seeing further savings in the near future.
State Rep.Mueller was first elected in November 2018 to serve the constituents of the 51st House District, which encompasses Atlas, Groveland, Holly and Rose townships.
(In response to “GTFD decision,” a letter by Robert DePalma, The Citizen, Dec. 28, page 7)
GTFD:Here’s what I think
Dear Editor,
Thank You Mr. DePalma for responding to my letter of Dec. 21. Unfortunately, your response generated more questions than any answers provided.
First of all, you start off by pointing out that my letter contained several errors but you failed to name one. Could that be because I actually never made any claims which could be interpreted as stating fact when in actuality was merely my opinion based on my knowledge and experiences? As a matter of fact, you strongly agreed with me about pay raises for our firefighters and F.D staff. Let’s just see if you follow through on that one. Given your history I’m betting “probably not!”
Secondly please explain why it would be beneficial to send our firefighters out under the authority and administration of an outside entity (NOCFA) thus sacrificing our resources to the surrounding communities. Please explain to me/us what NOCFA actually does/doesn’t do for our township. Please keep in mind that it’s really embarassing when the guy asking the question already know the answer and catches you telling a fib!
Next up…..you stated that in 2013 GTFD responded to 2,247 calls, In 2019 they answered 950 calls. Down almost 1,300 calls, with a ratio of 10 to 1 out vs. in. Now, given your reputation as a fiscally responsible manager, WHY would you allow our FD to respond to that many calls for service outside the township under the guise of “Mutual Aid?” Here’s what I think. Could it be that the number of runs you are claiming are really not FD runs at all but are actually Ambulance requests! Ambulance requests supplied by us through paying contracts with the other surrounding communities. I’m sorry Mr. DePalma but if what I suspect is true then I’m afraid you just earned yourself 4 Pinocchio’s for that one! I really don’t know why the run rate is down by 1,300 call but I would guess that as the other surrounding communities developed they went elsewhere for their ambulance service. I know for sure Holly did, but for an entirely different reason which is a point for discussion some other day.
And lastly, Mr. DePalma, how can you plead and rail over the high cost of the F.D and then turn right around and talk about building a NEW station. Everyone know it’s far less expensive to refurbish than it is to build new. Please don’t tell me you’ve struck a secret deal to sell the current F.D property at Grange Hall and Dixie so you can do that new station. THAT is EXACTLY why a recall petition was started against you a year ago!!! Did you naively think that this time would result in a different outcome? It won’t……………
Paul S. Lucas

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