Letters to the editor Jane. 20

Save our bus drivers
Dear Editor,
“I have the BEST bus driver in the Brandon school district.” I am positive any parent you ask would echo the same statement. Miss Janine makes my child feel safe. I know she has many years of experience on our treacherous back roads, no matter the condition. She along with many of our bus drivers are either a Brandon resident, graduate, or have children in the district. 8 years ago our dedicated bus drivers where forced to renegotiate contracts and accept less to keep their jobs. I think it is absolutely heinous that the school board would attempt this yet again. There has been discussion of outsourcing our bus drivers. For what to save some district dollars? This will cost us, cost our community local jobs, cost our children and parents peace of mind. I say stop trying to outsource! Stop trying to make our bus drivers give up portions of their contract. The saying you get what you pay for has always proved true. Bus 41 pulls up to my driveway the week of Christmas and Santa is driving. That same bus pulls up the week of Easter and there is a bunny driving. Our driver does not just get my child to and from school. Her bus is a safe place for our children, a smiling face, and cheerful hello every morning! That folks is passion for our kids and a passion for the job. Stop outsourcing and save our Brandon bus drivers!!
Annmarie Swanson

(In response to, “Old geezer,” a letter by Dale Bond, The Citizen, Jan. 13, page 6)
Last word
Dear Editor,
Mr. Bond….Your recent letter to The Citizen really leaves me wondering. Where are you getting all your facts to make such outlandish remarks, observations, and conclusions?
I quote: “according to his staff…President Trump is a moron?”
For brevity, I paraphrase: Fox News is the Trump choir and the democrats are to blame? Trump’s agenda is dangerous and destructive? More drilling for oil, more pollution? President Trump is stealing our public land and along with Speaker Ryan is guilty of stealing from the working class, enriching themselves and their wealthy donors, nothing to senior citizens or healthcare due to their tax plan? President Trump is unfit to be president and may soon be indicted for…money laundering and sedition?

Where do you come up with this gigantic load of disinformation and garbage? You suggest I read The Detroit Free Press and The New York Times.”
Not a chance!
Those are both left wing news outlets known for their shoddy, inaccurate reporting. They are, in my opinion, Yellow Journalism at it’s worst!!! Some of the things you mentioned gives me cause to suspect you are also using “The Trump Dossier” and Steve Bannon’s new book as your sources as well. You know both have been debunked as unverified by both sides of the aisle, right? My sources are, yes, Fox News, local news, The Citizen and The Oakland Press. I find these sources to be much more trustworthy and accurate. I regret that every time I read one of your pieces I come away with the feeling that I may be dealing with a neurotic juvenile experiencing the first stages of puberty or an hysterical fool swept away by groundless, emotional feelings of moral and social outrage.
I’m not going to reply to your outbursts further, it’s pointless. I’ll just leave you with a quote and a saying. I believe Mark Twain coined this one; Never get into a discussion with a fool, You can’t win!!! And, seek the truth, find the truth, embrace the truth believe the truth. To continue to believe the lies knowing the truth is the ultimate definition of stupidity!
In closing Mr. Bond….That’s not egg on my face. It’s a great big smile! As far as the pie I’m going to eat…That would be apple, with a crumb top! I’d invite you to join me but in your present frame of mind it’s probably not wise to put you in contact with any sharp objects.
Paul S. Lucas
Miracle on M-15
Dear Editor,
Everyday I drive from Oxford to Grand Blanc to pick up and drop off my 2 grandsons. Tues. Jan. 16, 18 was quite a different memory.
On the way back to Oxford, driving south on M-15, the boys and I noticed 2 beautiful horses out of their pasture and contemplating crossing M-15, with tons of traffic coming both ways. As people started to realize what was happening, the brakes lit up and horns started blaring.
I couldn’t get to the farmer’s door fast enough.
I too grew up on a horse farm in Oxford, which my parents still own. I immediately understood the importance of saving these loose horses as we have done for our own horses many times over the years.
The farmer probably thought a crazy lady had arrived as I ran to their door, screaming “your horses are out! Your horses are out! They’re near M-15! Your horses are out!”
As I ran back to my truck, I see a man and woman come running out of the house, grabbed halters and ropes, and took off towards the horses. I decided to get back in my truck to go down to the side of M-15 to block the road from the horses in case they were still near M-15. Two more people drive in the driveway to help.
As I reached the end of the driveway, I saw the most amazing sight. A line of cars and trucks had stopped to block the horses from being able to cross M-15. Yes, I teared up seeing such wonderful Samaritans looking out for their fellow man and his horses. The next amazing thing I saw was the horses let their owners walk right up to them to be caught. I know from experience that this is not always easy to do. As cold as it was, I thank God the horses didn’t keep running from their owners. All I can say is they have trained their horses very well. My grandsons can’t stop talking about it, they are 2 and 3 years old. This will always be a beautiful memory of human kindness for us. I hope this warms your heart as it has mine. Thanks to everyone who helped.
Laura Lee, Oxford