Letters to the editor June 9

Thank you Brandon families
Dear Brandon Families,
On behalf of the Brandon Transportation Department, we would like to thank our parents and students for all your love and support for the last five months. Although we did not prevail in our struggle to stay Brandon School bus drivers, our transportation team will leave knowing they always did their best.
We only hope that all our Brandon families will understand the individual personal choices that this team has made regarding what is right for their own families and futures.
Everybody here wishes only the best for our Brandon families, we will miss being a part of your everyday lives
Special thanks:
Kristy Spann – thank you for the incredible luncheon.
Marisa Prince, Ann Marie Swanson, Sarah DeLauder, Lynn Leschuk, Heidi Zysk, Sarah Allen, Lisa Schmaltz, Allison Roberts, Nicole Cosgrove, Dana DePalma and Heather Swift. Thank you for the wonderful breakfast, we appreciate all of you.
Forever in our hearts,
Your Brandon Transportation Department team
(In response to Out of your league, The Citizen, June 2, page 7)
Not in the same league
Dear Editor,
Congratulations Mr. Bond…..You caught me making a typo. Actually if you look again you’ll find two more! What can I say, I’m not going to use some lame excuse and blame the “typesetter”. I was in a hurry, didn’t take my own advise, and missed the typo(s). I own it (like I said previously) so congrats to you. Yes, I do mean 100 percent of what I submit and if that makes me a fool (in your opinion) then so be it. If you took the time to read my entire piece a bit more carefully you might have been able to pick up the subtle humor in it, I.E “Guttenberg Press”? teenager?
Yes Mr. Bond, we are most definitely NOT in the same league. We could be though! Let me know when the distance between the bases your running is greater than 45 ft. and someone is not setting the softball up on a 3 ft. tee for you to swing at. Excuse me now…I’m going to go shopping for some ice cream cones to sit on.
Thank you
Paul S. Lucas

(In response to Rev. Frawley: 50 years a priest, The Citizen, May 26, page 5).
Congratulations Rev. Frawley on 50 years a priest
Dear Editor,
Hello you probably don’t remember me but I’ve never forgotten you and all the wonderful priests in Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Visitation, Greenford (UK). You all helped so many people more than you’ll ever know. It’s hard to believe so much time has passed.
I wish you a great celebratory year. My son Peter was working for the Catholic Urban project in Detroit a few years ago and it made me think of flying out to meet up with some of the friends of old. If you, Fr. Cremmin, Brother Faustino or any others are in London do let us know you’d always be very welcome.
Dredagh Hickey

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