Letters to the editor March 20, 2017

Private roads need to be county roads

Dear Editor,

We have eight houses on a private road, Eagle Hill. Every homeowner should take care of their road in front of their home, not leaving debris in the roadway in front of their property, or removing gravel from neighbor’s roadway or leaving snow, blocking the passage for others.

I would like to thank three homeowners at the beginning of the road for doing the road right and repairing it. Looks good!

Five homes were left out in this repair. They were not asked to participate until after the work was done. A couple hundred dollars was asked to be given to them by other neighbors for the road being done. Now, Eagle Hill Road is being called a “partial road” by several real estate companies, investors, and/or brokers. It hurt the value of my home as the remaining residents are not interested in maintaining their roadway from the middle to the end.

Someday they may want to be selling their property and run into the same issue. There is a township ordinance for private roads. Out of 110 roads, only one is recorded with a maintenance agreement. The township needs to push the ordinances for associations and maintenance agreements for all private roads. Our tax money is not used for servicing private roads.

As homeowners in Ortonville we have learned a lesson about private roads and septic fields. We will never live on a private road or experience a septic field again.

Mark and Jeanette Biel

Brandon Twp.

You may change your mind

(In response to: ‘Lock him up,’ a letter by Sylvia Runyon, The Citizen, March 4, page 6)

Dear Editor,

I would like to help Mrs. Runyon out regarding her recent remark about President Trump claiming the phones in the White House were tapped by Obama, via his Justice Department. He didn’t make that claim. His claim was that the phones at Trump Tower in NYC were tapped. This happened during (I believe) and just after the election. Trump Tower was where his election headquarters were located. There are a whole bunch of news reports during that time span that seem to support that statement. A noted radio talk show host (Howard Levine, I think) presented this all to the public, citing the newspapers,dates,articles etc. on the Fox News tv channel about 10 days ago. I do remember Mr. Levine stating he pulled all his information from the internet and it was all there for anyone to find, it just took some digging on his part initially. The last I heard it is being investigated by the Senate at this time. I’m just guessing, but I think you meant Trump Tower but simply mis-spoke and said White House. As far as the claim goes there seems to be some validity about it, but it’s going to be hard to pin down and find those responsible ala Lois Learner, ala Benghazi. Mrs. Runyon, I think if you pursue that line of information you may change your mind about President Trump being “unhinged.”

Paul S. Lucas

How low can Itoney go?

(In response to: ‘Patriotism, conservatism, morality,’ a letter by Tamara Itoney-Carden, The Citizen, March 4, page 6)

Dear Editor,

This is in response to yet another article by Itoney that is filled with false statements and unwarranted ridicule and degrading diatribe. But even more despicable, it contains a scary and absolutely vicious accusation.

In Itoney’s second paragraph she pulls a Joker stunt and jumps all over the place, first stating that “Space constraints prohibited me from expounding on minority women.” But then she turns right around and says “Let’s probe that.” And shifts into high babble speed: “expounding on minority women, then to liberal doctrine, to gin up (non-sense) imagined grievances, then to put up abortion mills, baby parts merchant, freeway billboards, then liberals suddenly show up in campaign.” Then she does a complete left turn and says “I believe it is time to reach out to minority communities in a meaningful way.”

Sorry Itoney, but anyone who’s read your previous articles is going to have a hard time believing you care even “a wee bit” for minorities!

Three paragraphs later Itoney really goes low and gets into bottom feeder mode. She says: “The Women’s March. Of vital importance: A former Nazi employee funded only some of the numbers (good English, Not!) of groups. A NAZI? What a hideous accusation that of course she does not back up with any evidence and of course no FACTS! She doesn’t even have the courage to name this “former Nazi employee.” Not to mention, I didn’t know Nazis had employees. Wow, how can anyone believe this when your credibility once again is a big fat zero. This just further verifies my thoughts regarding you and your falsehood filled letters, that you are a gutless weasel.

In ending, I don’t think an alpha male would touch you with a 10-foot, no make that 50-foot pole as you are toxic and one ugly person.


Kris Kordella

Continue to mock away

Dear Editor,

First, I absolutely never attempted to mislead anyone. I am guilty of not breaking down a statistic simply enough to Mr. Kordella’s satisfaction. And I appreciate Mr. Lucas and encourage him and other fellow conservatives continue to write in and point out issues when editorial content runs on the front page of the community newspaper. I strongly recommend a thick skin and a strong stomach. Expect the ridicule and mockery hurled and excreted straight at us. Mr. Kordella’s letter is demonstrative of what it is like to combat liberalism. Gnaw away on that statistic for the rest of your days, sir.

The bigger broader point actually was about refusing to buy in to that brat-like childishness by a group of sore losers should be reported on as noble courage. I will roll my eyes while you let the stigmata flow forth. I choose to lovingly pimp-slap the common sense back into the hearts and minds of the gullible. Our country needs a serious information infusion. Here, in this local paper, is a chance for us to do just that. Sometimes, we may have to do the heavy lifting and do the other side of reporting a story that the reporter fails to do. I will continue to do my part. I kind of like that freedom of speech/First Amendment thing. Continue to mock away Mr. Kordella. God Bless.


Tamara Itoney-Carden