Letters to the editor: May 13

Not Groveland’s problem

(In response to: ‘Concerted effort needed,’ a letter by Wayne Wills, The Citizen, May 6, page 7)

Dear Editor,

After reading the “concerted effort needed” in the May 6 edition of The Citizen, I would like to respond and set the record straight on Groveland Township’s position. We have never been approached by any of our businesses for sewers.

From the first discussion on the subject years ago, our board has always indicated that if any businesses in the strip between Rite-Aid and Bueche’s wanted sewers, we would be responsive to helping.

I was disappointed when the (April 26 sewer forum) meeting started out with a statement that the Ortonville Village Council did not want the meeting to take place. Later in the meeting, attorney Jerry Fisher indicated that rural development water grants could not be used because the proposal was just for businesses. He added that the communities would have to guarantee an estimated $15 million to $16 million bond to get an attractive interest rate.

Since the village council does not support it, I highly doubt a scenario existing where Groveland Township would ever be liable for the project by guaranteeing the finances through our residents. I cannot speak for Brandon Township. I was asked by David Trent to contact the few businesses in that area, who failed to receive an invitation. I offered to contact those in an effort to show cooperation by asking for a copy of the letter. As of today, I still have not received the letter.

I do not appreciate Mr. Wills trying to paint the picture that this is a Groveland Township problem and require Groveland to help sell it. It is common knowledge that this is primarily an Ortonville village problem and apparently their council and residents have spoken on their views. I would not expect us to be the lead on this project or to guarantee the bond with our taxpayers’ money.


Robert DePalma

Groveland Township Supervisor

Afraid of the trail?

(In response to: ‘Township trail route meets dead end,’ The Citizen, May 6, page 1)

Dear Editor,

I urge all the Brandon residents to respond to this vote.

Do you want the trail from Belle Isle to the UP to go through our beautiful township, or do you want to stop it or force an expensive and uncooperative detour because we are “afraid” to commit to the trail?

Mr. Broughton, who did not apply for the empty trustee position in 2015, nor bothered to run for the position in the November 2016 general election, suddenly was appointed by the township by the Brandon Township Board this past winter when trustee Liz Waters resigned due to moving outside of the township. He came out of nowhere to be selected to serve as trustee on the Brandon Board above the other 11 qualified candidates. Coincidence? I do not think so.

Patty Salter

Pool a gem

(In response to: ‘Swimmer, board ponder pool contract,’ The Citizen, May 6, page 1)

Dear Editor,

Our pool at BHS is a gift to anyone wishing to swim and exercise, learn, laugh and enjoy life. No matter what age, size or health issues, there is a spot for you! Every business needs tweaking and advertising in order to succeed. We need the community to voice their opinion, ideas and possible solutions in order to keep the hours, classes, open swim and costs in place, immediately. Change is coming. Let’s come together and make it work well for the many that want, need and use this gem. On land I’m a slug. In the water I’m a mermaid.

Janet Mack Serwin

PS Ortonville resident for 32 years; swimmer at BHS for 15 years; alive for 66 years. We are all in training for life.

Skate park waste

(In response to: ‘Ortonville Skate Park future hangs in air,’ The Citizen, April 29, page 4)

Dear Editor,

First off, there is $100,000 worth of skate park equipment being utilized very little or not at all.

This is a huge waste of taxpayer and sponsored funds. Secondly, there is NOTHING for preteens and teens to do in Brandon Township: no programming, no events, nothing. At least the skate park offers something to keep preteens and teens busy and getting exercise. As we all are aware; boredom is the devil’s playground!

Thirdly, the punch card hours offer very little time for the money. The skate park will be open from 3 – 6 p.m. Monday – Friday. By the time the kids get home from school, they have limited time to skate. The punch card needs to include weekend days when the teens are able to skate and not in school. In addition, it’s only open for ages 15 and under! What about all the 16 – 19-year-olds that skate and skateboard? Where do they go?

On downtown steps and in the streets? Fred Waybrant is doing his best to keep the skate park in operation despite resistance from the village council and some residents. Why can’t everybody work together for the kids? The council is not giving Fred sufficient time to resolve and rework this ongoing issue. Get it together and make a plan that works for everyone.

Carol Lindsey

Wallowing in negative

(In response to: ‘Township trail route meets dead end,’ The Citizen, May 6, page 1)

Dear Editor,

I have lived in Ortonville since the fall of 1974, 42 years, and served on the village planning commission for 41 years. I have noticed that some people in this area move here to get out of the city, but don’t want anyone else to do the same.

They don’t want anybody else to visit here, shop here or do anything else here because it’s theirs and it just might be someone of a different race, color ethnic origin, or not of their status. They would rather build a wall around the village to keep others out and die in a vacuum they created. Without others coming, in and spending time and money in our community we will shrivel up and die a horrible death.

Wallowing in this negative and not having all the facts before making a decision which affects so many people who would like to see some positive things happen. Let’s work together for a better, more positive community.

Some would rather see the village property just sit there and stagnate than to have something beautiful for our community to enjoy and maybe even get out for a healthy walk and breathe some fresh air, safe and healthy for all ages.

Please sit up and be a positive force to make our community thrive and be viable. Stop degrading and being so prejudiced. Be a part of the positive majority.

Thank you David Trent, village manager; and Matt Jenkins, DDA director, for all your hard work in a positive direction.

David Van Dis, village resident

Waking up giggling

(In response to: ‘Deplorables,’ a letter by Deborra Okolovitch, The Citizen, May 6, page 6)

Dear Editor,

I must have found it disturbing since I haven’t been able to sleep soundly the last 2 days… I keep waking up giggling! You have captured in about 20 words the very same feelings I have every time I read anything penned by B. Beltramo. Fantastic comment….You captured the arrogance, elitism, and feeling of self importance perfectly! Great job.

Paul S. Lucas