Letters to the Editor Nov. 7, 2020

Thank you
Dear Editor
The family of Nicholas Mazich want to thank all those that sent their prayers, love and support for our family during this difficult time. We have received so many cards with beautiful notes and memories of Nick. I am still receiving cards and texts every day from so many that know our family and remembered Nick even some that knew him as BBQ Man Nick where he had cooked a pig roast for their event.
When someone you love passes the family gathers with loved ones and friends to say their good-byes and celebrate that person’s life. We could not do that because of the virus and safety of so many. We knew you were there with us and felt your love and support with every card, text and call we received. It is still overwhelming to know so many cared about us and thought so much about Nick.
I will tell you from the prayers and messages we received that faith and trust in God is alive and strong. Your prayers and love gave us the strength we needed to face some difficult days. I want to share this with you because we are all going through challenging times in our lives and keep your faith and trust.
To our family, friends and neighbors that we have known for so many years we thank you and are so blessed and honored that you sent your prayers and love.
Pam Mazich, Nick & Kate Mazich,
Mac & Holly McCracken and Dan & Leanna Mazich.
Thank you Ortonville
Dear Editor,
A heartfelt thank you to all of the residents, business owners, family and friends who shared their opinions during the election season with conversations, flyers, letters, signs and most of all VOTES! I am humbled by the continual outpouring of support from our community. Please keep sharing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas for our Village with us through calls, texts, emails, letters, in person visits, and attend the monthly town halls and Council meetings. It is our town and we ALL have a say, so don’t stop now, continue to provide your input!
Many, many thanks to the hardest working local campaign crew. Chris Morris, the most loyal campaign manager, worked literally around the clock. Riley Morris, Colin Morris and Jarrett Brice were helping in the heat, rain, wind and snow. Could not have done this without you guys, you ROCK!
I am looking forward to the next two years of “preserving the finest of Ortonville’s proud past and building on past successes for a promising future”. Watch for updates on some exciting projects in the works from the dedicated Village Council, DDA, and Planning Commission in the months to come. Thank you again for investing your voices in our community!!
Tonja Brice, Ortonville Village President.
Dear Editor
I wanted to sincerely thank the 1,420 individuals that voted for me in the recent election. Although I did not win, I feel proud that so many people in the community took the time to educate themselves and not just vote straight ticket.
I also must insist that, even though we are greatly disappointed, we must control our emotions and not start looting and vandalizing the community. We can not afford to degrade the “Heath” name and make it synonymous with lesser grades of candy like Cadbury Cream Eggs or Candy Corn.
So please hold your heads high and remember that straight ticket voting is for suckers not candy bars. Thank you, Heath D Zietz.

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