Letters to the editor Oct. 12, 2019

Clear and present danger
Dear Editor,
I am beginning my letter with a paragraph from a previous letter I wrote to View Points. It was published in The Citizen on Feb. 11, 2017. It is as follows: “Can we just begin the impeachment process now, and remove Trump from office before irreparable damage is done to the country we love ‘God Bless America.’”
Trump is a clear and present danger to our democracy. Now he is ordering top diplomats to pull our troops out of Syria. He appears to be more closely aligned with our enemies than our allies. He must be impeached and removed from office. God Bless America. Pray for our service men and women.
Sylvia Runyon
Ukraine impeachment
Dear Editor,
During the 2016 Presidential election “high up” CIA, FBI, unelected and elected Democrats conspired to overthrow our duly elected President (also known as the Silent Coup or Treason).
The Clinton Campaign and the DNC conspired with and paid foreigners to dig up anything they could use against President Trump. The main document is referred to as “The Steele Dossier”. A former British Intelligence Officer named Christopher Steele was paid to meet with Russian, Ukranian, Italian and other foreign “intelligence” officials. Steele compiled the dossier from a bunch of lies and nonsense fed to him by the Russian and Ukranian Communists. After being paid Steele passed this garbage on to the Hillary Camp (this is what “Colluding” with a foreign government to alter A US Presidential election looks like).
The Hillary Camp then used this fake document to convince a swamp creature Federal Judge to issue a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, which ultimately led to another swamp creature, Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint a swamp creature full of “special counsel”. Fast forward a couple years, the special counsel discovered the dossier was nonsense and Trump did nothing that was alleged.
The President waited two years for the phony special counsel to complete their investigation. Fast forward to today, the current Attorney General Bill Barr is currently conducting an investigation into the Treasonous acts of the individuals who attempted and are still attempting to unseat our President. Some of the many names on Bill Barrs list undoubtedly include: Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steele, Peter Stroke(FBI),Jim Comey(FBI),Andrew McCabe(FBI), and many others including all the way up to Joe Biden and Barack Obama.
In July of this year President Trump made a routine call to the newly elected president of the Ukraine.
I find it completely unacceptable that any of our presidential phone calls (whether it be Obama or Trump) should be leaked to the public. This so called “whistleblower” is without a doubt a democrat swamp creature attempting to play defense against the Bill Barr investigation. This whistleblower did not even have first hand knowledge of the call (I read the transcript of the call, have you?). I find this to be a dangerous and Treasonous act against our country, what foreign diplomat is going to be candid with this or the next President in future phone conversations?
In the 30 minute call the President asked for assistance in Bill Barr’s ongoing investigation into the origins of the silent coup, and help with corruption in the US and Ukraine (which included and was acknowledged by the Ukranian President to include Joe Biden). The Democrats have been hell bent against our President since the day they lost the election (“The Resistance”).
The coming weeks news cycle is going to be inundated with left wing lunatics raving about how Trump conspired with a foreigner to interfere with an election. One thing that should be increasingly obvious to more Americans is that if you hear the Demoncrats accuse someone of something, it is those in the democrat party who are guilty of that very crime. If you are one of the folks who believe that Trump conspired with the Ukrainians against his political opponent Sleepy Joe Biden, ask yourself this; is Joe Biden immune from investigations into his prior potentially illegal acts because he is running for president? Is the current President not allowed to seek information about prior criminal behavior because Joe Biden is running for office? Nonsense! Hillary Clinton got a swamp creature pass for all of her felonious acts while she was running for office, not again! President Trump loves this country and is doing an awesome job.
I pray these lunatics never acquire the power they so desperately seek and that the full truth comes out and justice is finally served to those who conspired against our President. Drain The Swamp!
Joe Wayda

What If a Child Cried Out?
What if a child was lost in the Ortonville Village Park Forest and cried out for help – would anyone hear them?
One of our Village Trustees, who voted in favor of Dan Eshman’s proposed POC ordinance to shut down our Forest to walking trails, based her decision on the rationale that if such trails existed, a child could possibly wander off the trail and fall into the swamp and drown in quicksand – I kid you not!
This Thursday, October 17th at 7:00 PM, there will be our regular monthly “Town Hall Talks” meeting, hosted by Tonja Brice, at the Old Town Hall in downtown Ortonville. This provides a great venue, where all citizens are welcome to come and listen and discuss any issue that is on their minds. I hope that the “The Park Trails” will be one of our major discussion points.
Also, there are copies of a “Trail Development” petition available that people can sign to show their support for trails in our Park Forest. These are currently located in some of the businesses in downtown Ortonville, such as “Hamilton’s” and “For the Love of Local”, just to name a few. I will also have these petitions available for you to sign at the “Town Hall Talks” meeting.
Lately, I’ve been very encouraged and inspired by our citizens that our standing up to our selfish and misguided Village Council and voicing their opinion in favor of trails in our Forest. Let’s keep the pressure on them to do the right thing for this town.
Very Sincerely,
Pat George
Village Council Trustee

Governor’s cuts irresponsible
Sen. Ruth Johnson on Thursday expressed her disappointment with the governor for removing $7.5 million the Legislature allocated for private well water testing in the fiscal year 2020 budget through an administrative transfer.
“It’s unbelievable that the governor would play politics with the safety of drinking water for Michigan families,” said Johnson, R-Holly. “Twenty-five percent of Michigan residents rely on private wells for drinking water — more than any other state in the country — and they face water safety concerns, like arsenic, nitrates and PFAS. We have a responsibility to help people learn about what could be in their drinking water and affecting the health of their families and how to fix it.
“This is how I first got involved as a citizen. Everyone deserves to know what is in the water they are drinking and not everyone is on a municipal system. In fact, millions of Michiganians instead rely on private wells for drinking water, including countless people in the 14th Senate District in northern Oakland and southern Genesee counties.
“I fought to get this funding in the budget to help people know if their children are drinking arsenic in their water, and the governor transferred it all away. People are continuing to be at risk.”
The transfer was made less than a day after the governor signed the state budget but issued 147 line-item vetoes to cut nearly $950 million, including $375 million in additional road funding and $128 million from the K-12 school aid budget.
The health effects of various drinking water contaminants have been known for many years. They can be both naturally occurring, including arsenic, or manmade. According to the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy, long-term exposure to even low levels of arsenic in drinking water is known to cause human health problems, including diabetes, cancer, thickening and discoloration of the skin, problems with blood vessels, high blood pressure, heart disease, nerve effects including numbness and/or pain, and interference with some important cell functions. Short-term exposure to very high levels of arsenic may cause stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, weakness, and even death.
There is some evidence that suggests that long-term exposure to arsenic can cause cognitive deficits in children, even at low concentrations. Nitrates, which often leach into groundwater from agricultural use, have been linked to a change to hemoglobin in infants — also known as blue baby syndrome — who consumed formula prepared with drinking water that contained high levels of nitrates.
“The sad part is this is preventable,” Johnson said. “There are several ways to make contaminated well water safe to drink, such as reverse osmosis or point-of-use cartridge filters, but first you need to know what’s in your water. Different contaminants require different treatments.”
Residents who want to learn more about well water quality, including links to local, state and federal resources, can visit Johnson’s Water Resources page. The page offers information about common contaminants and links to testing facilities, such as the state’s drinking water laboratory.
In the Private Well Information “State Resources” section of the page, visitors can click on Water Quality Maps to see county maps for arsenic and also download an Arsenic Brochure for details on arsenic in well water.
Senator Ruth Johnson
14th Senate

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