Letters to the editor Oct. 13

(In response to “Homeless,” a police report, The Citizen, Sept. 29, page 9)
We can help
Dear Editor,
So an individual receives a citation he probably cannot afford to pay for loitering in a park. The police are doing their job, no criticism there. The individual stated he had nowhere else to go.
When I see something like this it breaks my heart and I think to myself… but for the grace of god, he could be me. Is there some way that our local churches could provide some kind of direct support? It is fairly common to see stories in The Citizen about people traveling throughout the world on missionary trips helping people in other lands, yet we have people in our own community who need our help. There was an advertisement in the same paper asking for carpenters with little or no experience. Perhaps our local churches have some suggestions for how to help this individual with a place to live and a job.
Aren’t their services we can refer our homeless friend to?

JE Galer
(In response to lunch shaming, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Sept. 29, page 6)
No shaming
Dear Editor
I am a mom to one graduate of Brandon schools and one still attending high school. Both my boys have attended since their pre-school days.
Over the years both of them off and on have been eligible for the free lunch program. In defense of Brandon Schools, Suzanne Evenson, and her staff, never ever have I seen nor heard any evidence of a child being shamed or going hungry for any reason. Though this may go on in other cities or states our schools go to great lengths to make sure our children have the opportunity to eat not only a healthy lunch or snack but also breakfast.
I also know for a fact if my child forgot his lunch the lunch room staff would give him a lunch no questions asked and send us a bill in the mail at a later time. Ms Evenson goes above and beyond her duties and I have spoken to her personally in the past. There have been times I have forgotten to apply for benefits and the next thing you know I get an approval letter in the mail because she is so on the ball!
Before you go writing in our local paper about an issue please think about who you are bashing and do some research first!
Again big thank you’s to Suzanne Evenson and her staff.
Sincerely a grateful mom
Heather Dzuris
Vote Rumball
Dear Editor,
Jayson Rumball is running for Brandon Township Trustee and we would like to take this opportunity to endorse Jayson. Jayson has been a trustee on the board in the past and is concerned with what is in the best interest of the people and the community. Please consider voting for Jayson Rumball for Brandon Township trustee.
Thank you, Annette Beach and Faye Bindig
Vote Brice
Dear Editor,
Make sure to get what you wish for! If you would like to see positive improvements in our community, from visible changes like an inviting, walkable downtown area and a reasonable chicken ordinance that makes sense, to transparency, better communication, and working together with other downtown organizations such as Brandon Township, DDA, and Planning Commission, then Tonja Brice for Village President would give you the best options. As a Council member for the past four years and community member for the past 23, she has proven to listen to the community when she weighs her decisions, ask questions to ensure educated choices with conscious fiscal finances.
But, if you would like our downtown to be a stagnant community for the next 4 years, vote for her opponent because records show through past Council meetings, she is not listening to the community, voting down improvements, and not working with other downtown organizations.
I personally think we need Tonja Brice as our Village President and she needs you to vote. Vote for Brice. Brice is nice!
Brenda Timmermans

Vote Brice
Dear Editor,
If you would love to have an unbiased, straight forward Person to be chosen for the council. I would go with TONJA BRICE.
She cares about the community as a whole, and is not out for her own agenda!
Colleen Richard
Vote Prince
Dear Editor,
We’re writing in support of Marisa Prince for Brandon Township Trustee.
Marisa took the time to reach out to us and meet us at our home. After meeting with her, we’re confident Marisa is someone who can keep an open mind and treat all of our community members equally. She was straight-forward about her views and answered all of our questions.
As a mother of school age children, Marisa is invested in the future of our community, which she clearly loves. She understands the work she’ll need to do as a member of the Brandon Twp. board and is eager to represent our community as we face the challenges ahead.
Marisa’s responses to the League of Women Voters and the Free Press showed an understanding of Brandon Township and our issues. Taking the time to answer several publications shows us she’s taking this race seriously. We have NOT seen the same level of dedication from other candidates for office. We were especially glad that her answers to the Free Press about services in Brandon included some well deserved praise for our public employees.
Please visit Marisa’s website, princeforbrandontrustee.com for more information on her responses and a link to her Facebook page.
We’ll be casting our votes for Marisa on Nov. 6. We hope you will, too.
Heath and Peggy Zietz
Vote Prince
Dear Editor,
I would like to encourage my fellow Brandon Township citizens to vote for Marisa Prince for Trustee this November. As we find ourselves in the midst of this national, highly politically-charged atmosphere, our responsibility as voting citizens requires that we elect an individual that is committed to doing the right thing for Brandon Township residents and its business owners. We need a fresh face on the Brandon Township Board, one that is not afraid to have an independent voice.
Our 2016 national election proved that the majority of American citizens are tired of all the political games. They want their elected officials – no matter what party they ascribe to – to rise above “politics as usual” and make rational decisions, based on facts – not their own professional political career track or their party or personal agendas. They expect their elected officials to do their homework, show up, act professional and treat EVERY resident fairly, with respect and civility. To set aside their personal prejudices and not use people as a means to an end.
Marisa is a Mother with 2 young children in Oxford Public Schools – she is vested. She is an Engineer with an MBA – she is educated and understands process/cost appropriation. She is engaged in the meetings and activities of the Township – she is present and understands the community. We need Marisa on the Board to bring her perspective to the issues that face our Township residents and impact our local businesses. I urge my fellow Brandon residents to think outside your political party – as I will be doing – and vote for Marisa Prince for Township Trustee in November.
Jennifer Bickle
Still good people
Dear Editor,
As I walked into my local bank, I realized I had lost a sizable check (Yes, Mother, I should be more careful.) I told my favorite teller that I would hopefully be back shortly because I figured that I had lost it at Rite Aid.
The clerk at Rite Aid helped me look around the store but never found it.
I walked the parking lot (on a windy day) but came up empty.
So I drove home, realizing that I would have to call the person who issued the check and have them cancel it, etc.
Arriving home, I checked my answering machine in hope that someone had found it and were concerned enough to call me.
Surprisingly, my favorite teller had called to let me know that a kind and considerate customer had found the check in the Rite Aid parking lot and brought it in.
The teller was able to deposit the check by phone. All was well.
I want to thank this person who was considerate enough to take the time to take the check to the bank.
It’s good to know that there are still good people like this in our world.
Thank you,
Mark Featherston

The woman’s voice
Dear Editor,
Historically, in the Village of Goodrich, women have been under-represented as elected Village Council members. As we all know, women and men tend to think and process information differently. Men and women have differing strengths and perspectives, and ways of handling things. This is why having a better mix of both sexes to represent us on our Village Council would be good for our community. Consider which of the sexes tend to more often run the day-to-day schedules of our households.
This election season we have three seats open on the Village council. Of the 5 residents running for those three seats, 2 are women. These women have raised their families here and wish to be positive contributors to a community that they cherish. This is our historical opportunity to let the respectful and caring voices of women take a larger role at the table representing our families and neighborhoods.
Please consider using your voting power to give our women candidates a chance at representing this community as elected officials. Let’s elect Wendy Ciaramitaro and Sherry Moore on November 6 for the Village of Goodrich council seats. Thank you.
Angie Adamec
Vote for Salter
Dear Editor,
One of the most important things (if not the most important thing) we have is are children. Their education is crucial.
That is why I would like to endorse Diane Salter to another term as our School Board President. I have known Diane (and her entire family) both socially and professionally for over 30 years and her devotion to duty/responsibility goes without question.
She is fair, honest, smart, thoughtful, and won’t quit until she has exhausted all the possibilities. That is exactly the qualities we need to have as our School Board President. Under her leadership our school district has thrived. As a wise man once said…If it’s not broke don’t fix it! Please give your vote to Diane as School Board President next month.
Paul S. Lucas
Vote for Salter
Dear Editor,
In this tumultuous time, we need people to inspire, support, and fight for our students and what they need. Few rise to the task. One of these few, fantastic folks is Mrs. Diane Salter. Since her start on the school board in 2012, she has inspired students to achieve their full potential, supported student activities based on data and facts, and fought for what they needed to be some of the best of academia in Oakland County. With Mrs. Salter on the board, student achievement has risen and enrollment has remained steadfast. However, she still looks to the future; she seeks safe conditions for all our students and teachers, in addition to providing the best possible space for everyone to learn and thrive.
I support Diane Salter for the Brandon School Board. Of the candidates running, she is the most qualified, dedicated, and fired up. She will get my vote; she should get yours, too.
Connie Compton
Vote Prince
Dear Editor,
I have attended a few of the recent township meetings. At those meetings I have noticed Marisa Prince in attendance and taking notes. Marisa Prince is the best candidate for Brandon Township trustee. Over the last many months she has dedicated herself to this Township and to her campaign. She is disciplined and organized. She has canvassed neighborhoods, sent out hundreds of hand written postcards, and attended all township meetings. Marisa encompasses what it means to put in the legwork for a position that definitely needs it. If she is elected, I am confident that she will serve on our board as a huge asset to all of us community members. It is obvious that this position holds high importance to her there for the return to us will be tenfold. I encourage you to vote Marisa Prince as our new Brandon Township trustee. She is committed to work diligently for you and that is apparent through all of her hard work.
Thank you
Annmarie Swanson
Vote Prince
Dear Editor,
As a 56-year resident of Brandon Township, I believe that Marisa Prince would be a great Brandon Township Trustee because we need a trustee who would advocate for the future of our township. Marisa has a young family so she logically is concerned about the future for her children.
She has a number issues that she is concerned about as you can see from her website: princeforbrandontrustee.com She advocates for changes that would benefit all citizens of the township while maintaining the rural way of life and environment that we all enjoy.
One of the concerns that she shares with me is providing safe opportunities for young and old to experience the outdoors. Places for people to walk and bike safely and enjoyably would enhance our life in Brandon. Trying to walk or bicycle on our narrow, hilly, potholed gravel roads with speeding cars is not healthy, enjoyable, or safe, especially for little kids.
Marisa wants input from everyone about their desires for our community. She was very open to my concerns about outdoor recreation opportunities and speed limits on our rural roads. She can be contacted at: MarisaPrince@gmail.com.
Marisa Prince has my vote.
Fred Townsend
Thank you Ortonville
Dear Editor,
I am blessed to have served the Village of Ortonville as your President for the past eight years. I am truly gratified by the outpouring of input from our residents and business owners during my tenure. During this time, council has conducted exhaustive studies on several sensitive topics. These evaluations were conducted in order to help make the Village of Ortonville the VERY BEST that it can be. I humbly thank each and every one of you for your involvement no matter what side of an issue you may have supported.
The time has now come for me to pass the torch to a new leader, one who truly cares for our ENTIRE community. Indeed, one who values BOTH residential and business interests equally. One who is decisively firm and thorough in the evaluation of EVERY topic which is germane to the betterment of Ortonville.
I am therefore wholeheartedly in support of Tonja Brice in her efforts to become my successor as Village President over the next two year term.
Tonja is of strong moral character, who recognizes the power of faith in our personal, business and community affairs. She values a strong village manager, clerk and treasurer; the team we now have. And she especially values our hardworking DPW staff.
Tonja is humbly asking for, and is deserving of, YOUR personal vote to become our next Village President on November 6, 2018.
Respectfully, Wayne M. Wills
President, Village of Ortonville, 2010-2018
“Meet the New Candidates”
Dear Editor,
On Oct. 9, there was a “Meet the New Candidates” event at the Goodrich Country Club. I would like to thank my hosts and the Village of Goodrich community members that came out for support. It warmed my heart to see neighbors yearning to be involved and was very enlightening to hear individual’s ideas.
I would like to take our community’s input, along with my education and work experience to bring the village council together, so it can represent as it is intended, the village residents. My 20 yrs. of background in the educational field with various school districts, along with managing the data program for the Early Childhood programs at the GISD, bring extensive knowledge that can be applied to the Goodrich Village Council needs. I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Marketing from Northwood University. I have worked on grant writing and lobbied at the capitol for various Birth-Five programs.
I have a strong conviction to be involved, whether it’s family, work, or home. As Chair of the Village of Goodrich Parks and Recreation Committee, I have had the honor to see projects in the community move forward. The committee and the elementary schools worked together in naming new parks. The new Friendship Path park gave two Boy Scouts the opportunity to complete their Eagle projects within the park. Come out to the village and take a look!
Along with my business knowledge, I aim to bring respectfulness and professionalism to the office of Council. With my positive forward thinking, along with action, I hope to renew optimism in our beautiful village!
Thank you,
Wendy Ciaramitaro

Great village mums
Dear Editor,
Thank you to Wojo’s Greenhouse for our downtown Ortonville fall mum plantings. They look great.
Bob Hauxwell

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