Letters to the editor Sep. 29

Woodland park trail
Dear Editor,
We are looking for a knowledgable construction volunteer to lead our woodland park project. We will be building a set of stringer stairs up a steep woodland bank in our new park in the Village of Goodrich. As a project leader, your expertise would only be needed on-site long enough to help us get the stairs framework built properly. Community volunteers could finish the construction on their own. You would be working in a volunteer capacity, we hope, in return for positive public acknowledgments, and home made cookies of course!
If you are willing to help serve our community as project leader on this Park & Rec project, please leave your contact information with the Goodrich Village office, or call the Village at 810-636-2570.
A community volunteer will then contact you. Thank you so much for your consideration of much-needed help with this lovely woodland park trail.
Angie Adamec

Lunch shaming
Dear Editor,
I am sick of hearing about “Lunch Shaming.” Sick of reading about a 4-year-old seeing her lunch dumped out and sent away hungry and in tears because she did not have money to pay for it. Sick of self-righteous proclamations that kids without money should go hungry, sick of patchwork programs that do little to prevent kids being judged, demeaned and sent away hungry.
In an era where I have become numb, I am appalled that schools embarrass kids by hand stamping them, a brand they display for the rest of the day, to remind parents to fund their lunch account, appalled at schools requiring kids to mop the cafeteria floor to pay for their lunch. What kind of country are we that we think humiliating hungry kids is ok? Are free lunch programs for all kids unthinkable, undoable?
Heaven knows we can’t turn hungry eyes to the athletics budget of Brandon Schools to reconsider our priorities. Our knees are calloused from years of genuflecting to the tribal activities we call sports.
If there is one thing we can do in this country, one thing in this America we are so proud of, can that one thing be feeding hungry kids?
Bonnie Beltramo
Thank you
Dear Editor,
A heartfelt thank you from the families of Jess Robinson for the overwhelming love and support received at the recent memorial in his honor and for the cards, letters, messages and for those who have just stopped by.
Thank you!

Jan Robinson

Wolfe Road at 20 mph
Dear Editor,
My wife Ann & I are requesting that a speed limit of 25 miles per hour be established for the full length of Wolfe Rd. For those not familiar with Wolfe Rd., it runs the short distance between M-15 and Grange Hall road in Brandon and Groveland townships. It is commonly used as a short cut between M-15 and Grange Hall and quite often by youngsters joy riding at very high speeds.
Last evening, for the second time in 13 months, a car was pulled from the deep swamp bordering the road. Fortunately there were no major injuries in either accident. However one of the cars was inverted in the water and the occupants could easily have drown had they been pinned in the car.
Establishing a 25 mile per hour speed limit would have 3 major benefits:
1) Obviously the reduced speed will lead to fewer accidents and possible injuries.
2) The reduced speed will make the road less inviting as a short cut, reducing traffic and the road maintenance required.
3) The lower speed will reduce the wear and tear on the road by those who continue to use it again reducing the maintenance required
Before making any decision we encourage someone drive the road as the limited sight distance at the hill near the driveway at 350, and the blind curves East of the driveway at 365 & 385 cannot be fully evaluated from maps and overhead views.
We have sent this to several different agencies because we are not sure which have input or responsibility for establishing a speed limit on Wolfe Rd. If you do not, we thank you for your time and ask that you please forward it to the proper agency or department.
We will appreciate any input and welcome any questions you might have.
Kip & Ann Bonds

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