Letters to the Editor Sept. 3, 2022

Promote the vote
(In response to, ‘Locals rally,’ a letter by Jay R. Taylor, The Citizen, Aug. 27, 2022, Page 4)
Last week the letter from Jay R. Taylor quoted a woman from Clarkston insinuating that the proposed amendment on Michigan’s November ballot called “Promote the Vote” weakens our ability to know whether the voter is registered or legitimate.  She is definitely ignorant of that proposal.  I worked on the petition drive for that proposal.  That proposal had record number of positive signatures which enabled it to be placed on the Michigan ballot this November.  Jay, before you quote a random lady from Clarkston you should get your facts straight. I urge people to  “Google” “Promote the Vote” and get their facts straight.
Sandra Shoskey, Goodrich


First-Time homebuyers
(In response to, ‘Finding a starter home much tougher today’ by David Fleet, The Citizen, Aug. 20, 2022, Page 1)
In response to David Fleet’s article about first-time home owning, I think I have a bit of insight that he missed.
As a 23 year old who recently bought his first house, I ran into these same issues. The new houses are too expensive and big companies are buying the cheaper ones. These are issues, but not the ones I am writing about. I do not believe that young people cannot afford houses. They cannot afford houses while eating out once a day, having 18 streaming subscriptions, buying the newest iPhones, shopping every other weekend…you get the point. Young people today have all but forgotten delayed gratification. They try to live their lives in the way their parents did after accruing wealth for 15 years. We were taught that our instant gratification is a ‘right’ and that we ‘deserve’ things for working hard. Instead of getting married and starting to have kids, which puts selflessness at the forefront, we choose to live selfishly. Before complaining about our circumstances, we should take a good look at ourselves first.
Dale Squires Ortonville

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