Letters to the editor September 7

Trump defined
Dear Editor,
I haven’t written anything concerning Mr. Trump for more than a year now. I can’t stay quiet any longer. The definitions I am using are from Webster’s Dictionary. The opinions are my own.
Taunting-to redicule, mock and insult;
Rude-impolite, discourteous;
Uncouth-awkward, clumsy in shape and appearance, vulgar in conduct and speech;
Mock-to make fun of, to redicule or to make a mock of a person;
Palaver-to talk idly at great length.
Yes I think this sums up Donald J. exactly.
Sylvia Runyon
Citizenship Day
Dear editor,
New immigration facility coming to Brandon.
Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is observed each year on Sept. 17 to commemorate the signing of the Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787, and “recognize all who, by coming of age or by naturalization, have become citizens.” Library of Congress
Immigration and Customs Enforcement has announced the opening of a detention center in Brandon, Michigan. The Mary Anne MacLeod Trump Center ( named to recognize our President’s immigrant mother) will hold European based, blue eyed immigrants while they are being processed for entry to the United States. Unlike ICE centers on our southern border, which imprison brown skinned immigrants in inhumane, unsanitary and punitive conditions, the MAMT Center will provide their fair skinned cousins with concierge services.
Shrubs have been planted along the Kearsley Creek site to create a park like atmosphere. Workers have placed park benches and tables to take advantage of shade trees. Custom and Border Protection workers are being trained to recognize the importance of afternoon tea and sunscreen. Noting the stark differences between the detention centers for people of color and centers intended for paler immigrants of European heritage, CBP Commandant of the MAMT, Dorinda Hackenback, stated it was easier to meet the immigrants’ needs when they were “tall enough to look me in the eye, speak English and look like my neighbors.”
ICE says they believe the Brandon MAMT will not be open long, as immigrants scoring high on the Nordic Scale are processed into the States quickly.
The Nordic Scale utilizes paint chips to categorize skin and eye color. Immigrants whose eye color matches the Fiord Ice paint chip will be admitted to the USA faster than those on the southern border whose eye color corresponds to Aztek Sky. People with skin color that matches the English Blush paint chip will be given priority over those detainees south of Michigan whose skin color corresponds to the paint chip labeled Mojave Sunset.
The MAMT Center is scheduled to open on Sept. 17, 2019, Citizenship Day.
Bonnie Beltramo
Dear Editor
We all agree we are experiencing a big problem when it comes to USA immigration. For many it is the fear of being overwhelmed with people entering this country, for others it’s the shown hatred , discrimination and indifference towards those who are trying to make the USA their new home.
Unlike most people that read the Citizen my family and I have moved to different countries and are more familiar than the average American about USA immigration laws. We have lived among different cultures, speak 4 languages and read mostly unbiased news from sources outside the USA borders, our parents and grandparents lived in German occupied countries, and so it might just be that we have a more realistic view of what is happening in this country.
For many there is no “ right way” coming to America .Not because these people are not needed, or are bad for our society but because USA immigration laws are designed using foreign poor people as disposable assets.
For us, educated Europeans, a job opportunity in the USA came with the perks of a visa with opportunity to stay indefinitely, a paid for immigration lawyer, good wages and benefits. Folks like us are not desperate, so won’t be easily mistreated or exploited.

But those who are coming from desperate places, just like many of your ancestors once did , willing to work hard, trying to give their children a better life than they ever had, are not so fortunate. Those people will be lured in by employers paying them under the table, or getting them in on H2B visas. H2B visas give employers the opportunity to hire someone from another country to work in the USA , but only until the employer no longer needs that employee. These employees can only work for the employer who acquired the H2B visa and so are at the mercy of that employer. These people are mostly underpaid and will be disposed of whenever the employer sees fit. There is no way to permanency.
In the USA, business goes before people and those who willingly exploit people are not the ones being taken into custody or being harshly fined.
Many of us watched video footage from Mexican employees being bused from a meat factory. The children of these people had their first day of school. This was no coincidence. This was done to spread fear amongst those who are here undocumented. To witness the acceptance of this horrible cruelty by those who have lost compassion for some of their species has kept me awake. How little so many know about others, how limited so many of us know about other people’s hardship and how easy some of us allow unbridled fear make us into people we wouldn’t want to be our enemy.
What made my grandparents , who were looted and mistreated by Germans to take in people they didn’t know, risking their own lives, just because these people were fleeing from their homes? What made them care and what makes many of us so full of hate?
Is it because some miss the ability of common sense reasoning, as the money we so wastefully spend on defense, senseless walls, ICE people riling up people, paying $750 + a day per detained border crosser will exceed all monies these people would cost us if we allowed those who were vetted and let in to make money and pay taxes? Or is it because some people have been telling you over and over again how bad these people are, just because our government and our big businesses are completely fine with treating these kind of people as exposable assets and cockroaches because they don’t bring coffers full of money?
Anita Bakker