Local Road Improvement program

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville-The village will once again by applying for the Local Road Improvement Program this year as a way to support fixing the village roads.
“Fortunately, the village has had the opportunity over the last three years of taking part in an Oakland County grant that they provide, on a similar basis to another program that they provide, for road improvements,” said village manager Dale Stuart.

“And what the village has used it for is a crack-fill program, where we rent a machine that heats up the materials to do crack-fills and then we buy the materials I think from the same company, and we use that to do crack-fill all over the village.”
The amount the county is offering for the program this year is $5,435 and is a 50/50 matching program.
“So we have to expend as much as we get, but by the time you look at the materials and the labor, and all that’s involved, it’s not a great difficulty for us to spend $5,400 on this program,” said Stuart.
In past years, the work is done by the DPW, and would continue to be done by them should the village receive funds this year.
“DPW has done an absolute great job,” said Stuart. “Our roads, as you all know, are not in the best condition anywhere in the village, but they look much better than they actually are, because of the diligence of the DPW in using this crack-fill program. This is an excellent program.”

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