Mabelena to close after 20 years

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Staff Writer
Ortonville — After 20 years to the day, Mabelena, 470 Mill St., is closing their doors on Sept. 24
“We opened on Septemberfest 20 years ago, and we’re closing on Septemberfest,” said Brenda Heffernan, owner.
The name Mabelena came from Heffernan’s grandmothers, Mabel and Lena. Lena was an Ortonville resident, as were Heffernan’s parents and herself.
“My mother and father both had businesses here,” she said. “My dad had a Sunoco station at Mill and M-15, and my mom had a beauty shop in the basement of the old hotel.”
Heffernan is a life-long Ortonville resident, and taught home economics at Brandon before she had children. She grew up on Mill street, two houses down from her store.
“After my husband passed, the old post office was available and my mother bought it and said it was time for me to fufill my dreams,” she said. “I have enjoyed it for 20 years. And I thank my customers very much. And I will miss them.”

One Response to "Mabelena to close after 20 years"

  1. Arlene Stimac   September 29, 2022 at 3:17 pm

    My selfish side says “don’t close” “we all need your fabric and advice”
    My UNselfish side says – go for it! Yippee! Sleep late! Enjoy lunch with friends! Catch up on your reading! Finish all those “half done” projects in your sewing room! Travel!
    Enjoy the freedom from worrying about orders and sale!
    Good luck in your future. And thanks for all the help you gave me!


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