Main family gathers for centennial reunion

By David Fleet
On Aug. 14, 1919 the Main family gathered the first reunion at the home of Mahlon Smith in Flint. “The day was spent visiting and feasting,” and a collection of $6.06 was reported in the family minutes following that first reunion.
A hundred years have past and the Main’s reunion of featuring visiting and feasting remains.
On Aug. 10, 2019, about 90 descendants of the Main family came together to celebrate their 100th anniversary reunion at the Goodrich United Methodist Church.
“We missed a few years of reunions over the past century,” said Cheryl Chamberlin, a Trenton resident and granddaughter of John Main. “We are still a very tight knit group and enjoy our family gatherings. In 1920s the Main family lived on a farm in the Atlas Township area. Many of their family live in the community and nearby.”
The Main parents, George (1854-1931) and Harriet (1858-1945) children, Effie, William, Lewis Jefferson, Minor, John and Miles descendants include 23 grandchildren; 66 great grandchildren; 97 great, great grandchildren; 66 great, great, great grandchildren and two great, great, great, great grandchildren.

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