Oh deer: Fawn trapped in fenced yard released by CO

By David Fleet
Michigan Conservation Officer Danielle Zubek responded to a RAP complaint for a fawn stuck inside of a small fenced in backyard.IMG_0524 (1)
“I’m not sure how the fawn ended up in the backyard,” said Zubek, in her first year as a conservation officer assigned to the southeastern area of Michigan which includes Brandon and Groveland townships. “It was safe there but it could not get out. The mother (deer) was jumping the fence and coming back to the yard to nurse the fawn. It had not been abandoned.”
The homeowners attempted to let the fawn out by opening the back fence gate, but the small deer would not exit. When Zubek arrived she wrapped the fawn up in a blanket and did not touch it.  She removed the fawn from the enclosure and placed it in a near by wooded area..
“The homeowners did the right thing by just leaving the fawn alone,” she said. “The fawns are often hidden in the woods by their moms and may appear to be abandoned. ”
Zubek said just leave the fawns alone and don’t touch.
“Often people pick up the fawn or try to care for it when they need just to walk away,” she said. “But at that point the mom may then abandon the fawn.”

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