Road work continues

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp. — The summer may soon ending, but the construction continues. Two major road projects will be coming to the area this year and within the next few years from the Michigan Department of Transportation.
Beginning towards the end of September, M-15 at Duck Creek will be under construction for a culvert replacement. Northbound traffic will be maintained, but southbound traffic will be detoured down Oakwood Road to Baldwin Road to Seymour Lake Road and back to M-15.
“That should be completed by the end of December,” said Gina Craig, construction project manager.
Currently, that is the only road project planned for M-15, but there will also be a project starting next year on I-75 from M-15 to the Oakland County Line.
“That won’t start until next year,” she said. “That’s what we call the three Rs, it’s more than resurfacing. It’s a 2023, 2024 and 2025 project on I-75.”
The I-75 project will start with rehab work in 2023, and starting in 2024 the northbound lane will be completely redone, with traffic being diverted onto the southbound side of I-75, maintaining two lanes in both directions. In 2025, the lanes will all switch to the Northbound side so the southbound side can undergo construction.
“2023 will just be pre-stage work,” said Craig.
For information on MDOT projects, visit or call the Oakland Transportation Service Center, 248-451-0001.

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