School AD resigns amid allegations, investigation

By David Fleet
On Monday, the school board of trustees voted 6-1 to accept the resignation of the Goodrich High School Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Dave Davis. Trustee Jennifer Riggs voted no.
Details of the case were obtained by The Citizen newspaper in a Freedom of Information Act request. Terms of the resignation include that Davis will continue to be paid until Sept. 30, however, he will not come onto Goodrich School property nor shall he attend any Goodrich event within the school district area.

Wayne Wright, interim superintendent provided dismissal charges to board members, which are the result of an investigation into allegations of unprofessional conduct for Davis.
“Mr. Davis resigned while these charges were pending,” wrote Wright. “The Goodrich Board of Education accepted Mr. Davis’ resignation at their meeting on Sept. 23, 2019, without conducting a disciplinary hearing, based on said charges. These charges will remain in Mr. Davis’ personnel file. As the agreement states, the district reserves the right to respond truthfully to an school district inquiry regarding unprofessional conduct, including any request made under MCL.380.123b.”
“In summary, while employed as an administrator at Goodrich Area Schools, Mr. Davis used his position to identify and groom students who he would later approach for the purpose of requesting or offering to purchase naked “selfie” photographs of these students. On one occasion, he undertook this course of action while deeply intoxicated and while attempting to persuade recent Goodrich graduates, who were minors, to consume alcohol with him.”
The dismissal document stated several examples of Davis’ behavior detailed by former students, that had interned or been coached by him at Goodrich.
“When directed to refrain from contacting Goodrich stakeholders while on administrative leave, he ignored the directive and attended a Girls Basketball Camp, where he engaged with Goodrich Stakeholders.”
“Mr. Davis’ insubordinate actions above demonstrate that he was not able to obey the schools simple directive to no contact,” wrote Wright. “Accordingly, his insubordination with respect to this relative simple and direct matter establishes he cannot be trusted to refrain from engaging in his grooming behavior with female students at the high school previously discussed.
Earlier this year, Davis, who had served as the district AD since 2013 had been accused by multiple corroborating sources, of making inappropriate comments and engaging in inappropriate activities involving former students. On May 31, the now former Goodrich Superintendent Ryan Relken sent a letter home to the community that information was in the district’s possession regarding the investigation about Davis. He was then placed on administrative leave.

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