Teacher of the Year

By David Fleet
On Monday the Brandon High School selected teacher Matt Prevost as the 2019 Teacher of the year.IMG_6809
A Port Huron native and 2000 graduate of Port Huron High School Prevost earned a bachelor’s degree with a double major in social studies and history from Central Michigan University in 2005. He taught one year of alternative education in the Port Huron School Distinct. During the 2006-07 school year he was hired at Brandon High School to teach Advance Placement Government and World History.
“I love history,” said Prevost, 37. “Actually, I sell history to my students just like a used car salesman. To me history expands and broadens my world view—it provides a different view of the world. History provides a perspective on the world that you could never find unless you traveled to every country.”

Prevost is proud of his student’s high AP scores and some unique educational topics including, American War Class.
“I’m like a doctor when it comes to teaching,” he said. “The students come to me with an illness and I, as a teacher, have to find the right way to grab their attention to learn. That’s the cure. There’s something that grabs every student I will work to find it..”
Growing up in Port Huron, Prevost is a self taught sailor of the Great Lakes..
“I read a book on how to sail,” he said. “I’m not going to pay someone to do that.”
He is also the proud owner of a 25 foot custom wooden sailboat christened the “Tortuga.”
“Tortuga in Spanish means turtle, it’s very slow,” he laughed. “It also in an island south of Cuba near Haiti—is home to the ruined 17th-century Fort de Rocher, once a pirate stronghold. Someday I’ll travel there and check it out.”
Matt Outlaw, Brandon School district superintendent said Mr. Prevost is one of the most popular teachers in the BHS staff.
“Mr. Prevost passionately believes in the importance of what teachers do and his students elevate their game as a result,” said Outlaw. “He challenges students to do their best, to think beyond the obvious, and he does all of this while making learning fun. He is a true master teacher.”
Prevost is proud to teach at Brandon High School.
“The community is so lucky to have such a great staff and families attending the schools,” he said. “Over my 13 years at Brandon I’ve be so fortunate to have multiple generations of great students come through my classroom.”
Matt’s wife Kelsie is a kindergarten teacher in the Clio School District. The couple has three children Faith, 10, Charlie, 7 and Drew, 4. The also have a baby on the way.