Time for public school officials to get naked

More interesting news that all involved with public schools should read.
On Sunday, the Traverse City Record Eagle newspaper reported ‘eyebrows are being raised? in Leland, Michigan. Seems there are gardens on the grounds of the Leland Public Schools — which is not what all the hubbub is about. Read on.
Like most school districts across the state, finances are tight even in Leland. Which leads us to the garden of Eden and how to pay for its upkeep controversy.
Well ? 12 well-known (male) gardeners who care for the gardens posed nude (with appropriately placed garden implements) for a fund-raising calendar. Reports state they are working on their second printing of this calendar, as the first 500 sold out, for $20 each.
And, while the fund-raising effort is not endorsed by the schools, one of the models is Leland Schools Superintendent, Michael Hartigan. My understanding is, and I don’t understand why in this new, open and modern age, Mike’s participation has some red-faced and angry.
Would anybody here be upset if Clarkston School Superintendent Al Roberts or Oxford’s Virginia Brennan-Kyro shucked their duds for a good cause?
I say, way to go Mikey! Way to get out there and think outside of the box for your school district! There are fund-raisers and then there are fund-raisers. Pancake breakfasts, car washes and trinket sales are one way to make some money, but this calendar idea has got legs.
Ten thousand dollars in sales was generated on that first printing. If we say it cost 5-gs? to print, that’s five thousand profit. Holy-smile-for-the-camera, Batman! Those folks are onto something. I think local districts could make a nice chunk of change-ola with their own calendars.
Or they can just raise taxes. How boring and antiquated would that be?
I wish the folks in Goodrich would do something like a cool calendar. This spring, the school district here threw out a test balloon on school finances. After pink slipping a third of their teaches, they suggested they could save between $50,000 and $70,000 a day, each day they shortened the school year.
Currently, the state mandates kids are in school 180 days. In Goodrich, they go 188; teachers are paid for 198 days. The district suggested kids only go to school for 181 days; teachers being paid for 184. The district can save, with simple math, something near $700,000 (14 days multiplied by $50,000).
But, we’re not sure the district will save this taxpayer money. They are hemming and hawing. The teacher’s union is balking. It is not a sure thing.
It’ll be up for a vote of the board sometime in the future. I say this — if they don’t shrink the calendar year; if there is no need to save $700,000 of somebody elses? money — drastic, out of the box measures will need to be taken.
Because while all may be hunky-dory this year, next year the district will be in a financial mess again and have to layoff teachers, cut sports and clubs and transportation, etc.
So, right now, I want teachers, administrators and board members to get together, take off your clothes and get your pictures taken. If we start working on it now, you all can start raising the money you’ll need next year.
I can find a printer for your calendar and heck, why not print a coffee-table book, too? I’ll give you free publicity so sales promotion will not be a problem. If you need a place to go aunaturel, I know a guy by they name of Gary Moore. He runs a ‘family-oriented? nudist camp just north of Oxford (it’s called Whispering Oaks). I’m sure I can convince him to help.
And, while you’re all sitting together, naked, look up and into each others in the eyes. Figure out what is best for the community and work on honesty. Since you’ll all be nude, you’ll have nothing to hide.
And, once this exercise is completed, give each other a hug, get dressed and then come back to town.
To the school boards and administrators and teachers in Clarkston, Oxford, Orion and Brandon — think about shortening the school year. Oh, and please think about getting naked for the camera — it could be a great way to have fun and make some money at the same time. Come on — it’s for the kids.
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