Twp. man charged in 2 year olds death

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp.-A township man has been charged for operating an ORV while intoxicated causing death and ORV operating while intoxicated with an occupant under 16.
On May 29, Anthony Davis, 33, was operating a tractor with two of his two-year-old cousins on it. One of the two-year-olds fell off and was run over by a rear tire, resulting in the victim’s death. Davis admitted to consuming alcohol and the Preliminary Breath Test result was a .15.
“This was a family having a typical holiday weekend gathering,” said Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Brandon Substation Commander Lt. Greg Glover, who along with EMS responded to the accident. “Like may holiday parties, drinking was allowed at the residence, however, the responsible made some poor decisions after he was intoxicated. Due to the man’s alcohol use, those kids should not have been on that tractor with him. What appeared to be a simple, fun tractor ride for some kids turned fatal. That poor decision will ultimately alter these families’ lives forever.”
The Oakland County’s Prosecutor’s Office issued a two count warrant for Davis. Count one is a 15 year felony for operating an ORV while intoxicated causing death. Count two is a one year misdemeanor for operating an ORV while intoxicated with an occupant under the age of 16. The warrant was sworn to via Zoom with Judge Kostin of the 52-2 District Court. He is currently free on a $50,000 personal bond.
“The alcohol does not excuse what happened,” added Glover. “From a law enforcement perspective, we still have job to do. As a result, the responsible is now criminally charged due to nothing more than negligence. Anytime you mix alcohol with off-road vehicles or any vehicles for that matter, it’s a recipe for disaster.”
Davis is scheduled to appear on June 17 for a probable cause conference and his preliminary examination is set for June 24 before Judge Kostin.

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