Adventure Begins at Your Library

It is no secret that I love reading, and that love started very young. When I was a little girl, my mom and I read a book every night, eventually moving to chapter books where we alternated reading chapters. My dad always had a book in his hand or his back pocket. Reading was very important in my household.
That love of reading has stuck with me, and I’ve always stressed the importance of reading for kids. Area libraries are well aware of that importance, and all have their summer reading programs in full swing.
“Reading every day in the summer helps children to enrich their vocabulary, can reduce stress and they will not lose the knowledge they learned in the school year,” said Brandon Township Public Library Outreach Liaison Librarian Fran Hotchkiss. “Reading improves the quality of their lives and it is fun.”
At BTLP, registration for Adventure Begins at Your Library is now open. Fill out the travel map reading log to explore one of three treasure maps (one for youth, one for teens and one for adults), follow the adventure path each week to earn prize tickets, and even participate in the youth scavenger hunt. There are 50 programs for the summer reading program, and 13 grand prizes. Register at
Adventure is also the name of the game at the Clarkston Independence District Library. Log the books you read to earn badges and rewards, or join the summer programs. There are programs for youth, teens and adults. Register at
“Summer reading is important to the community because it gives everyone an opportunity to enhance reading skills, come to educational programs to break boredom, and to have an overall great time all while having the chance to earn prizes for their hard work,” said Stacia Serafina, head of youth and teen services at CIDL.
The adventure continues at the Oxford Public Library with their youth reading program. Log books online or in person every day you read and earn a reading coin every five days you read. Save up the coins to buy books from the Story Room Bookstore. Register at
For the adventure at the Orion Township Public Library, read to participate in a Bingo adventure. Collect spaces by logging your reading for teens and youth to win prizes and a free book. For adults, participate in the weekly reading adventures and library challenges to win free books, gift cards, or an eReader. Register at
“Summer is our busy season at the library with the summer reading program,” said Ashley Lehman, head of youth services at OTPL. “We like to provide opportunities for kids, teens and adults to read for fun, because there is no better way to practice literacy skills and gain knowledge than coupling reading with something you are interested in, passionate about, or just plain enjoy. Summer reading programs are an important component to continue to learn and refine reading skills by having fun doing so.”
Summer is the perfect time to pick up a book, even if you’re not a regular reader, especially for kids who are out of school. Visit your local library to sign up for Adventure Begins at Your Library and pick out a book (or several) to start with.

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