Angel Closet: On campus clothing provides students a little help

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp. — A group of Brandon High School students are working to ensure classmates don’t go without the some of the basic necessities.
Earlier this years, the Brandon High School Student Council opened the Angel Closet.
“The angel closet is a closet in the high school to help and provide students with any clothing needs they might have,” said Jacqueline Schell, a member of the student council. “Formal clothes, shoes, spirit wear, day-to-day wear, anything.”
Students who are in need of clothes just need to go to the counseling office and mention it, and the counselor will let them into the clothing closet to go shopping.
“We had some seniors last year that came up with this idea,” she said. “There wasn’t much acting on it, but this year we put the plan into action. It’s run by the student council.”
The shopping is completely anonymous, so no other student will know who shopped in the closet or who needed it.
“We have had a lot of support from people that are donating items,” said Schell.
Anyone looking to donate clothing items can email the student council advisor Christina Sulisz,
“We’re looking for anything and everything that is teenage appropriate clothing,” said Schell. “We are willing to take anything.”
They are hoping at the beginning of next school year to offer hygiene products and school supplies for the students.

One Response to "Angel Closet: On campus clothing provides students a little help"

  1. Barbara Warren   April 12, 2023 at 12:55 pm

    Hi, my name is Barbara Warren and I live in Ortonville. I have a lot of clothing that I’d love to donate! Mostly jeans and pants but many other items for females. I do have some other items as I had a son named Aaron McNeely that used to be a student at BHS a long time ago that was loved by many of his teachers and encouraged to graduate to no avail. He dropped out in his senior year (although he didn’t have enough credits) and never attempted to even get his GED.
    Aaron died on Dec. 23rd due to a heroin overdose. He was 26 years old and I still have some of his clothing I’d like to donate. No one needs to know about where nor who or how the clothing came to you. I am still a grieving mother but I somehow I think Aaron would like you to have it. Please contact me on my cell phone or my home phone at 248.627.4909 or cell 248.930.6278


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