Brandon High School may host drive up graduation

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
The Brandon School District has unveiled their graduation plans for July 26.
“The date of July 26 was chosen as part of the senior survey that went out to all senior families,” said Dan Stevens, BHS principal . “I want to thank you again for your patience as we have worked through the details to make this the best commencement ceremony that we can within the constraints of the state mandates. I look forward to seeing each of you walk across the stage in July.”
The plan is in accordance with the State of Michigan phases of reopening due to the coronavirus pandemic.
If the State is in phase 4, which allows less than 100 people in an outdoor gathering, the ceremony will be drive-up and held in the parking lot of Brandon High School. Students will drive through the parking lot with their families, each vehicle would stop in front of the stage, and the graduate would exit the vehicle, walk across the stage, and receive their diploma. Families would have the front row to take pictures.
If the state is in phase five, which allows less than 500 people in an outdoor gathering, the graduation will be on the football field in as traditional a manner as possible. The senior class would be divided into two groups via a sign-up and one ceremony would be held at 10 a.m. and the other at noon. Each student would be allowed to bring four guests, and all guests would be asked to follow all state mandated social distancing regulations. The phase four plan may be implemented in case of inclement weather.
If the state is in phase six of reopening, which is unlimited people in an outdoor gathering, the graduation would be a single ceremony at noon, and each student would be able to bring as many guests as they would like.
If there are any social distancing recommendations put forth by the state at that time, spectators and students would be asked to follow them.
More detailed information will be available as the date for graduation comes closer.

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