Brandon crime reports April 14

At 3:03 p.m., on April 8, Brandon Deputies responded to a report of suspicious circumstances in the 700 block of Ortonville Road.
Upon arrival, deputies met with the complainant, who said the window of his truck had been broken out while he was at work. The passenger side window was shattered and there was glass on the ground outside of the window. There was very little glass located inside the vehicle and no foreign objects located in or around the vehicle. The complainant confirmed that nothing had been taken from the inside of his truck and that he had no enemies or disagreements with anyone. The glass on the ground and the lack of glass inside the vehicle, showed the window was possibly pulled outward forcefully causing it to shatter. There were no witnesses to the incident. The complainant was advised to contact the sheriff’s office immediately with any information regarding the incident.
At 12:07 p.m., on April 12, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a sudden death. Deputies had been asked to do a welfare check on a man who had been suffering from flu conditions and wasn’t answering his phone. The front and rear doors were locked. While looking through the windows, deputies noticed a male was slouched on the floor in front of a chair in the living room. Deputies were able to make entry into the house through an unlocked window. Once inside, deputies could see the man was obviously deceased. The deceased was identified by his driver’s license. There were no signs of foul play. Brandon Fire had a doctor call the time of death and the next of kin were notified.
Domestic violence
At 8:50 a.m., on April 11, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a domestic assault. Upon arrival, the complainant came out of the residence and ran towards deputies. A man came from around the corner and was smoking a cigarette and had a lot of blood on his hand. He was handcuffed and the complainant asked if they could talk inside. The complainant stateded they had been in a dating relationship with the man for about a year and that two days ago they broke up. She said he had physically assaulted her 3 to 4 times but never reported it. She stated things got so bad the day before she stayed with a friend. She said he called and texted her all night and that around 5 a.m. she decided to go home. She said when she and the man got home, he got in her face several times and would not leave her alone and chased her around the home and called her names. She said the man told her he was going to burn the house down and kill her dogs. She said he told her he was going to have the outlaws mess with her. She said he put his hands in her face and she thought he was going to hit her. She said she passed out in the hallway, and when she came to, she was in the bathroom and the man threw her on the toilet and she hit her head. The man was arrested for domestic violence.
Family trouble
At 9:30 p.m., on April 14, Brandon deputies responded to a report of family trouble. Dispatch advised that the caller and her husband had gotten into a verbal altercation and she alleged her husband physically threw her around the residence before leaving in her vehicle. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the woman, who was visibly intoxicated and unsteady on her feet. She refused to cooperate with deputies and continuously interrupted, not allowing any information to be gathered. She then went into the residence and locked the door, refusing to answer. Her roommate later came into the substation to give a statement, stating that the complainant was highly intoxicated and in a verbal argument with her husband. She said she could hear the two of them arguing and she could see the man pushing her away as if she was the aggressor. The man advised her that he had to get away from the complainant and asked the witness if she would remove his son from the residence and meet him down the street. A statement was filled out and a form sent to child protective services.
More family trouble
At 4:58 p.m., on April 14, Brandon deputies responded to a report of family trouble. The complainant said her son was yelling and punching walls inside the house. He was playing his tv in his room at full volume. Upon arrival, deputies could hear the television from outside the residence. The complainant met deputies and advised that her son was in his room. The son came out of his room and immediately got in deputies faces, yelling that he wanted his family members out of his house. Deputies ordered him to sit down, which he refused to do and got closer to deputies. He was them pushed out of the deputies’ face to create distance and was told to stay seated. He then got up and pushed deputies. He was then taken to the ground and deputies were able to secure him in handcuffs. He was transported to Oakland County Jail for disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.

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  1. Dawn   April 17, 2020 at 8:17 pm

    I’d like to report a crime.
    The Sexton at Ortonville Cemetery vandalized dozens and dozens of gravesites.


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