Crime Watch Aug. 1, 2020

Out for smokes
At 11:17 a.m., July 24, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a possible intoxicated driver in the area of Ortonville and Glass roads. Upon arrival, deputies saw a man staggering in circles by the reported vehicle. The keys were not in the ignition. The suspect identified himself and told deputies he was driving to get cigarettes. He was detained. The man’s brother arrived on the scene and stated that the subject took his vehicle without permission. He said the subject doesn’t have a valid license and had been drinking that day. The man took a preliminary breath test, which resulted a .275 blood alcohol level. His brother said he did not want to press charges. The man was issued tickets for driving with a suspended license and for disorderly intoxication and was released to his brother.
Wallet stolen
At 12:01 p.m., July 24, Brandon deputies received a call from a man who reported his wallet had been stolen. He said he had recently returned from an out-of-state vacation and said he lost his wallet at the resort he had been staying at, which was also a casino. He said the casino had called him and told him his wallet had actually been stolen. He told deputies he already called the Social Security Administration, and that he had also contacted his bank and credit card companies to cancel and get new cards. Deputies told him any crime reporting would have to take place in the jurisdiction where his wallet was stolen.
Dog bite
At 6:03 p.m., July 26, Brandon deputies responded to a report of an animal bite. Upon arrival, deputies met with the owner of two dogs, who said he had hosted an outdoor birthday party and that while he was in the basement, one of the child attendees was bitten. He said he did not know the dogs were let out of the house and that he had all the paperwork to show his dogs are up to date on their shots. Deputies went to the ambulance and spoke with the father of the child that was bitten. He said the dogs were out and that his daughter was petting the dogs, and that suddenly one of the dogs bit his daughter, but he did not know which one it was because they look very alike. Deputies were informed she would need stitches. The owner of the dogs was told to quarantine the dogs and one of the Animal Control Officers would be over to speak with him a different day.
On the run
At 5:04 a.m., on July 26, Brandon deputies were operating stationary radar on Ortonville at Allen roads, and observed three vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed. Deputies went after the speeding vehicles behind the third vehicle in line, a Lincoln. Deputies closed the gap between the vehicles and attempted to stop the Lincoln with their emergency lights when the Lincoln changed lanes into oncoming traffic and passed the vehicle in front of him and continued to accelerate away, passing the first vehicle as well. Deputies noticed that the second vehicle had a license plate, but that the first one did not. Deputies advised dispatch they had a vehicle not stopping, and the vehicle without a license plate accelerated away as well. The vehicles fled on I-75 after deputies ended their pursuit. Deputies set up on I-75 saw the vehicles pass at 115 MPH. Brandon deputies returned and searched used car lots for possible evidence of stolen cars in the area, but were unable to locate any evidence. They also reviewed car video of the vehicles, but were unable to read the visible license plate due to glare.

Not too sweet
At 6:25 p.m., July 22, Brandon deputies responded to a report of damage to property in the 3000 block of Juniper. Upon arrival, deputies met with the complainant, who said he went to get into his vehicle and noticed the gas cover was not completely closed. He said when he checked, he could see that someone had poured sugar in the gas tank. He said he had been having problems with his ex-wife, and that he has made reports for her pouring mustard on his vehicles and that she drives by and honks her horn every other day. He said she is bitter due to him not wanting her back, but he has not seen or witnessed her damaging his vehicles. He was instructed to get a personal protection order on her and the case remains open.
False report
On July 27, Brandon deputies cited a woman for falsely reporting a crime. In May, dispatch responded to a call from the woman about her neighbor driving onto her yard and tearing down the caution tape used for the property line and that the neighbor threatened to hit her with his vehicle. Upon arrival, deputies met with the complainant, who stated her neighbor hit her with his truck and claimed she fell to the ground and is hurt. Deputies spoke with the neighbor, he said he was pulling up to get more room so that he could back into his yard as he had a trailer attached to his vehicle, and that the caller came out of her house with caution tape and began to tape off the end of the dead-end road. He said he has documentation from the Township showing the property she was trying to tape off was not hers and that the woman started yelling at him that she was going to call the police. He said this is the time that deputies arrived, and that he did not hit her with his truck and his wife saw the whole thing. Deputies spoke with his wife, who also said that he did not hit the caller with her vehicle and had the incident on video. There were no scratches on the caller and her clothes did not have dirt on them as if she had fallen to the ground. Deputies viewed the video and did not see her get hit by the truck and saw her walk away from where she strung up caution tape. She was informed the neighbors did not want to press charges and only wanted her to leave them alone. On July 24, deputies were informed a report needed to be filed on her behalf, and when they spoke with the woman, she said she was advised by her attorney not to speak to them about the incident. She said she suffered fractured ribs and needed surgery on her elbow from the May incident. She refused to complete a statement and would not speak to deputies. Deputies then checked to see how many times they had responded to her address, totaling 7 between August 2019 and April 2020. All of the complaints were unfounded. Deputies also found she had been issued a citation for disorderly conduct for calling the fire department on her previous neighbor. The neighbors informed deputies that they were able to get a personal protection order on the woman.
Jumping from a moving vehicle
At 5:34 p.m., July 21, Orion deputies responded to a report of an Ortonville woman jumping from a moving vehicle. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the driver, an Ortonville man, who stopped the car immediately and found his friend unconscious but breathing. Deputies later determined that the woman willfully jumped from the moving vehicle, causing her injuries that she was taken to the hospital for. The driver was also arrested for drinking and driving. Deputies interviewed the man, who stated that they had both been drinking prior to the incident. He was given a preliminary breath test, which resulted a .312 blood alcohol level. He was transported to Oakland County Jail without incident and the woman remains in the hospital.

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