Crime Watch June 26, 2021

Domestic assault
At 10:12 p.m., June 16, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a domestic assault. While en-route, dispatch advised that someone was involved with a knife.
Upon arrival, the suspect was located hiding in the rear of a vehicle in the driveway. He was ordered to come out and he opened the door. He was covered in blood and had several cuts on him. Deputies then checked the home for other suspects or victims. Deputies observed that there were items thrown around the front lawn and porch area of the home. The front window was broken out with blood covering the remaining glass and on the sill and carpet inside the home.
The victim approached the door and removed items that were placed to barricade it. Deputies asked if she was okay, and she said she was fine and that her children were fine as well and were upstairs.
Deputies observed that the main living area of the home was in disarray and that there was broken glass and blood all over near the front door and window. The victim said that her husband was intoxicated and under stress. She said he began breaking things in the house and that her son got scared and came downstairs with a knife. She took the knife from him and told her husband to get out. She said he did not touch her, and then began breaking the window to get back in. Throughout the interview, she appeared to be holding back and did not want to disclose everything that happened.
Deputies then spoke with her son, who said he heard a lot of screaming. He said when he came downstairs and saw his dad with his hands on the victim’s shoulder area. He was holding a spray bottle of window cleaner and sprayed him in the face to make him stop. He also admitted he had a knife, but the victim couldn’t locate it. The suspect was transported to the hospital for treatment, then transported to Oakland County Jail for lodging.
Domestic assault
At 2:16 a.m., June 20, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a domestic assault.
Upon arrival, deputies met a woman outside where she was loading items into her car. She said that she and her boyfriend had both been drinking and had an argument and she was taking her property and leaving. Deputies spoke with the boyfriend, who said that she was trying to leave but had both drank approximately 12 beers each and he didn’t think she should drive, so he called the police. The woman’s daughter agreed to drive over and pick her up. Deputies pulled her car a ways away and allowed her to sit in the vehicle and wait for her daughter.
When the daughter arrived, the woman called 911 while deputies were sitting in a patrol car behind her and said she wanted to press charges on her boyfriend for pushing her down during their argument. Deputies told her she had not said that and asked her to write out a statement, which she did. She said she was not injured and did not require medical treatment.
Deputies were unable to locate the man and turned the case over to the detective bureau.
Disorderly conduct
At 11:11 p.m., on June 19, Brandon deputies responded to a report of disorderly conduct.

A man drove into the back parking lot of the substation and advised he had an intoxicated male patron from a local establishment in his vehicle. He said he tried to drive the man home, but he became agitated and changed his mind about being taken home, so the man drove him to the substation instead.
Deputies spoke with the intoxicated man and attempted to get his address so he could be driven home, but each time provided different street numbers for his home. Eventually he became angry and would not give deputies an address.
Deputies attempted to find his address, though each one that came up, the man said it was not his address. He was being so loud that patrons were coming out of a nearby establishment to see what was going on. He also refused a preliminary breath test. He was extremely agitated with deputies and kept turning to face them as if he was going to assault them. He was handcuffed and put in the patrol car and taken for medical clearance.
While enroute, he threatened to assault deputies multiple times. While attempting to remove him from the vehicle at the hospital, he refused to walk with deputies. He continued to resist deputies into the hospital room, where he was eventually cleared for lodging.
He was transported to Oakland County Jail.
Domestic assault
At 1:47 a.m., on June 19, Brandon deputies responded to a report of domestic assault. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the victim, who said she worked there as a caretaker. She said she had stepped outside to smoke, and saw her ex-boyfriend in the yard running toward her. She attempted to get back inside before he got her, but was not able to. She said he punched her several times in the head. During the assault, she said he took the key fob to her mother’s car.
Deputies were unable to contact the suspect and a warrant was requested for domestic assault and larceny.
Probation violation
At 10:07 p.m., on June 17, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a probation violation. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with a woman who said that a man was upstairs hiding and that he was on a tether and violated his probation. Deputies went upstairs and made contact with the man.
He was taken into custody without incident.
Marijuna possession
At 10:19 a.m., on June 17, Brandon deputies received a call on a tip line that someone at a local school district had a gun in their vehicle. Deputies went to the school and the student was removed from class. The vehicle was searched, and while no gun was found, a quarter pound of marijuana was found in the vehicle, with a street value of about $500, along with other drug paraphernalia.
The student was arrested for possession and turned over to their parents.

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