Crime watch May 30

Deputy bitten
At 12:46 p.m., May 26, a Brandon deputy was bitten by a dog. The deputy stated he was assisting at a call for service and was bitten. He was talking to the owner of the dog through the vehicle window when he smacked his hands down on the door and the small breed dog lunged at him and grabbed ahold of his wrist, puncturing the skin. The owner stated that her dog is very protective of people when in the car and that the dog has never bitten before. The dog is up to date on the rabies vaccine and has an Oakland County dog license. The deputy was treated for the bite wound.
Domestic assault
At 4:28 a.m., May 24, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a domestic assault. The caller stated that he and his girlfriend were playing cards when they got into a fight. He said she got physical with him and became wild. She made contact with dispatch to advise that her boyfriend had locked her out of the house and was throwing her around. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the girlfriend, who was in the garage. She stated that earlier in the evening she and her boyfriend were drinking alcohol and playing cards. She stated that everything was fine and she had gone to bed while her boyfriend had stayed up. She said she was awoken by their daughter, who was rocked back to sleep. She then went out to the garage to smoke with her boyfriend when he became argumentative. She said he was yelling in her face and pushing her. She said he then grabbed her by the arms and pushed her into the screen door and popped the screen out, then followed her into the house where he grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. She said he continued to yell at her and shoved her once again while in the garage. She said he then went into the house and locked her out. The two have been dating for four years and have lived together for over two, and they have a child. She said that her boyfriend has assaulted her several times in the past but no reports have been made. The woman had red marks on the backs of her arms. Deputies then spoke with the boyfriend, who was inside the residence upon arrival. He stated he was in the garage when his girlfriend came out and started arguing with him. He said he advised her to go into the house numerous times, but she continued to come out into the garage. He stated he tried to diffuse the situation because they had both been drinking throughout the night, but she continued to be verbally and physically abusive toward him. He said she was pushing him in an attempt to lock him out of the house and that she had made his hand bleed in an attempt to take his keys from his hands. Deputies observed a very small cut on his hand. The man was placed under arrest for domestic violence and was transported to Oakland County Jail for lodging.
Suspicious circumstances
At 6:30 p.m., May 22, Brandon deputies responded to a report of suspicious circumstances. The complainant came to the substation to advise deputies of a suspicious text he had received that day, which was threatening in nature. The man did not recognize the number and does not know of anyone who would try to threaten him or prank him like this. He stated he believed it to be a scam but was unsure what to do and wanted deputies to be advised. The text contained photos of several masked men with guns and a decapitated body as well as a male lying on the floor bleeding. The text states that the man needed to pay immediately if he did not want any problems. He was advised to block the number and if he had any more numbers texting him to contact the sheriff’s office.
Domestic assault
At 2:41 p.m., May 24, Brandon deputies responded to a report of a domestic assault. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the caller and her son, who stated that her husband had assaulted her and her son the day prior. She said she and her husband were working on cars when her husband began yelling at her. She said he was yelling and screaming so she left the garage and went to her room and locked the door so her husband could not get in. She said her husband then came into the house and continued to yell at her while she was locked in the room. He then went to the dining room and began fighting with her son who was doing homework. She said she could hear the yelling and banging from their fighting and went to stop it. Her husband then slapped her in the face and she punched him back. She said he then began to hit her all over her body and was able to get her on the floor, sit on her chest, put his hands around her neck and begin to choke her. She said she did not lose consciousness but was not able to breathe. She said she was able to get her husband off of her and ran back to her room. Her husband followed and begged her not to call the police and apologized. The following day he continued to yell and scream at her so she told him she was calling police and he got in his vehicle and left. Deputies spoke with the son, who said that the suspect was yelling at him for not doing his homework. He said he got up from the chair while the suspect continued to yell and that the suspect was backing him up to the wall, so he pushed him back, fearful he would get hit. The suspect then slapped him in the face before his mother arrived to stop him. As he tried to move away, he says the suspect pushed him into the wall. His mother told him to go to his room and lock the door, which he did. The caller had bruises on both her arms, legs, face and scratches on her neck. The son had no visible injuries. Deputies attempted to contact the suspect, but did not get an answer. They were called again to the residence and were informed the suspect had returned and was sitting in the driveway in his vehicle. Deputies made contact with him and he stated that he had been having problems with his wife and her son. He said that she had given her son a DVD to watch and he did not agree with the choice of movie. He said the son got aggressive with him and pushed him, and they began to fight. He said at that point his wife ran in and began to punch him and they fought. He was issued a citation for domestic violence and transported to Oakland County Jail.

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