DDA awarded for 175th anniversary celebration

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Ortonville — On June 6, the Ortonville Downtown Development Authority was awarded the Achievement in Historic Preservation award for their work on the Ortonville 175th anniversary celebration. The Main Street Oakland County Main Events Award Ceremony also featured keynote speaker Erin Barnes, the new CEO of Main Street America.
“It’s always nice to be recognized by your peers,” said Matt Jenkins, Ortonville DDA Director. “But the 175 was such a great example of collaboration from all the hard work and effort of the community, groups, individuals, village and township that is the greatest reward.”
The day of the awards, Barns also took a short tour of downtown Ortonville with Jenkins, DDA members, and community members.
“This town is very impressive,” she said. “It stands out to me as distinct among only two dozen Main Streets that I’ve ever visited in my entire life with one of the strongest social and civil infrastructures, using the indicators such as the percentage of people who volunteer and thriving social institutions. (Also) The fact there’s a newspaper here is incredible.”
The Ortonville 175th anniversary included an Amos Orton Birthday Party, historical celebrations during Septemberfest, and a historical section in The Citizen.
“Our little town can really come together for things like this and that makes all the difference,” said Jenkins.

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