Five new staff at Brandon Schools this fall

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
For the 2019-2020 school year, Brandon will have five new staff members.
“Our kindergarten numbers for the district have increased for the last five years,” said district superintendent Dr. Matt Outlaw. “Now we’re adding new staff at the elementary, and we’re rebuilding our foundation as a district.”
Emily Duffey, a graduate of Oakland University, will be teaching kindergarten at Harvey Swanson; Rosemary D’Ambrosio, Central Michigan, will be teaching kindergarten at Oakwood; Loren Mitten, Oakland University, will be teaching first grade at Harvey-Swanson; Amanda Carter, Spring Arbor and a graduate of Brandon, will be at Brandon High School as a Resource Room Teacher; Hollie Shigley, Boise State University, will be the new social worker splitting her time between both of the elementary schools.
“Emily Duffy will be joining the Harvey-Swanson kindergarten team this year,” said Harvey Swanson principal Debbie Brauer. “She serves as Vice President of Aspiring Educators of America. She is passionate about science and nature and integrates both into her lessons whenever possible. Emily loves learning and teaching, and looks forward to sharing that love with Harvey-Swanson students.”
Brauer is also excited for what Loren brings to the table.
“She is an active member of Aspiring Educators of America and a member of Kappa Delta Pi,” she said. “As a member of both honors groups, she volunteers for local schools and families in need. She believes it is essential to teach the whole student and can’t wait to get to know all about her first grade students this year.”
The new elementary teachers were approved in June, while Carter was approved in July. A new social worker was approved in May in an effort for the district to be more proactive with mental health.
“I am excited to have Amanda, an experienced teacher, join our high school special education department as has already shown enthusiasm by developing plans and projects in preparation for the new school year,” said Director of Special Education Diane Zedan. “I look forward to new ideas that Amanda will share with our staff.”
The new members of the staff are also exited to be joining the Brandon team.
“As a first year teacher I am beyond excited to be joining an elementary school with such a strong sense of community and passion for learning,” said D’Ambrosio. “I cannot wait to share my own love of learning as I get to know and support each one of my students this upcoming school year.”


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