Letters to the editor August 11

School security
Dear Editor,
Let us put security in every school today.
If we can secure the airports and the courts, we can surely seure the schools so we do not have one more child murdered in school.
If we can spend $1.5 trillion for a tax-break for the 1 percent billionaires club we can certainly afford to spend the money to protect our kid’s lives.
We cannot afford to NOT protect our children. We cannot put a price on the life of a child.
Bob McReavy
Thank you
Dear Editor,
I want to thank the four young men who helped me when I fell in the parking lot of Bueches on Monday.
I had tripped and fell down hard, and these four young men came running over to me and made sure I wasn’t seriously injured, gathered my cart that had gone flying, and helped me up.
I have never met these young men, and I just wanted to reach out and say whoever you are, thank you.
Louis Peiffer
The walking red
The Centers for Disease Control has identified a new disorder affecting 9 Americans so far.
“We see cognitive decrease, passivity and flat affects in the 8 Republican lawmakers, 7 Senators and 1 Representative, who spent the Fourth of July in Moscow,” Dorinda Hackenback, CDC spokesperson and longtime Brandon Township resident, announced. “The subjects drool, shuffle and smell funny.” Researchers attribute their rotting smell to the decaying of the Republicans’ moral core.
CDC researchers questioned why these 8 Republicans, all elected to represent fellow Americans, all who swore to defend the Constitution, all who have postured as loyal and hyper patriotic would visit a violent dictator on the Fourth of July, the day we celebrate our freedom from another dictator. Hackenback said, “They see Putin and his election interfering apparatus as their best bet to get re elected in 2018. Well, despite its hairbrained majesty, it worked for Trump in 2016. The Congressmen came back from Moscow impaired, but even in their obtunded state, they know who they owe their job to. We saw Patient Zero a few weeks back after Trump’s private meeting with Putin in Helsinki…. We think the contagion started there.”
When asked about the prognosis of this new disease, Hackenback said, “Only informed voters, vigorously participating, can contain The Walking Red, as we have dubbed it. Otherwise, we see this Russia based disease spreading across America.”
Bonnie Beltramo

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