Letters to the editor August 18

Feeding America
Dear Editor,
In America, we have a special place in our hearts for family farmers. We see them plowing their fields during the day. We see their tractors lights in the distant fields as we head for bed. There is no corporate agribusiness in our Township. These farmers are our friends and neighbors, they sit beside us at church, we say hello at Bueches’.
This time of year, we find ourselves behind farm tractors and trailers on our roads, poking along at10 mph as farmers do the hard work of growing our food. Some of us are impatient at the slow pace, race past in an annoyed fashion. Next time we are in a long line of cars behind a hay wagon bumping along Oakwood Road, slow down, roll the window down and breathe in the smell of freshly cut hay. When you pass the dusty farmer, wave and thank him for feeding America.
Bonnie Beltramo
No experience required
Dear Editor,
Recently the Goodrich Village Council posted the duties and job requirements in the hiring of a village administrator/clerk. Among the duties is a comprehensive knowledge of municipal legislative process, development and overseeing of the Village budget, the ability to interpret the State Constitution and statues, Village Ordinances and the Village Charter. A complete list of duties can be seen on the Village Website and the Michigan Municipal league Web
The posting further states “The successful candidate will possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college in political science, public administration or a closely related field”.
It appears that the Village would hire a candidate with this background and no practical experience. It goes on, “or a master’s degree”. Again, no mention of required experience.
The last option does address experience, “or equivalent years of experience as Municipal Manager or Administrator preferred”.
This requirement left me scratching my head, “Five (5) or more years of progressively more responsible municipal management experience preferred”. I need someone to interpret what that job requirement means.
Based on the current job market and the amount of salary that the Village will be offering, it appears highly unlikely that they will find a candidate meeting the requirements of the last option.
So, it is possible that based on the posting that the Village would hire a candidate with no experience. However, Councilman Vick has stated that a candidate with little or no experience could take classes to learn how to do the job. When the contract of administrator Sidge was not renewed (Councilmen Vick, Barraco and Light voted not to renew) they did not have a Plan “B”. We now find the Village scrambling to locate a qualified replacement.
Councilman Vick and Barraco will be running for re-election in November. The two have also recruited former Councilman Doug McAbee in an attempt to gain all (3) available positions. However, there is hope on the horizon. Wendy Ciaramitaro and Sherry Moore are also on the November ballot for council. Both are better choices to get some forward thinking to benefit the Village.
Richard Saroli
Brandon Boosters
Dear Editor,
All Sports Brandon Boosters would like to extend thanks to the 20 volunteers that came out to reorganize and clean all the high school concession stands, as well as those who donated food. It’s great group efforts like this that make our community awesome. For more information and ways to get involved, visit us on Facebook at All Sports Brandon Boosters or on brandonblackhawks.org.
Leanne Claxton