Letters to the Editor: Dec. 23

Thanks for the toys
Dear Editor
A big thank you to the Ortonville Community, who once again proved that they are the most generous community the whole world. They absolutely made sure “To See that No Child Is Left Out At Christmas”
Thank you to the local businesses who let us put collection boxes in their place of business. To the Fire Department who put out the boxes and collected them full of new toys. Thank you to the service organizations, businesses and individuals who donated money; to the Woodworkers who made trucks, jeeps and boats for the boys and cradles for the little girls; to the Senior Center who made matresses and blankets for the cradles; to Mabelena’s for donating material and to their busy elves who made over 150 pillow cases for new pillows. Thank you to O’Malley’s who fed us. A very Big thank you to all the volunteers who helped sort and set up the Toy Store. To the Lions Club for setting up the :Stocking Stuffers” What the Toy Store is able to give out: a number of new toys, games, books, new pillow with hand-made pillow cases, stocking stuffers, batteries, wrapping paper, tape and ribbon. Due to your generosity we were able to help over 80 families and over 200 children have a “Merry Christmas”
A special “Thank You to St. Anne Church for the use of their building and to Father Gerry and the staff who are so gracious and welcoming to us. They allow us to disrupt them for three days at a very busy time of the year. If I have left anyone out I humbly apologize.
Please visit our website for further info. Brandonccts.org
Linda Mizejewski and the Community Christmas Toy Store