Letters to the editor Dec. 30

Thank you DPW
Dear Editor,
I hope everyone that traveled through the Village of Ortonville on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day appreciated out village’s DPW. They were missing out being with their family so many ouf us could get to our celebrations safely.
They worked almost nonstop Christmas Eve and much of Christmas Day plowing and clearing. While I understand that’s the DPW job, it’s still nice to acknowledge the sacrifice they made and the excellent job they did. Plus the nice job they did on the village’s Christmas decorations. Our village Christmas tree looks awesome.
Thanks Bon Hauxwell and crew. Luann Sutton Mann.

You were half right
(In response to I remain informed, a letter by Dale Bond, The Citizen, Dec. 16, page 7)
Dear Editor,
Mr. Bond…I was hoping you were someone who could check out the facts, all the facts, and draw some logical conclusions. Unfortunately you choose to continue to spout the same old, tired rhetoric and try to bring your shallow message and point(s) home with half truths and incomplete, totally false statements, hoping someone isn’t paying attention ! You state that the Republicans with their new tax plan would add 1/2 trillion dollars to the national debt. That is an incomplete projection ! You forgot to mention that the new tax laws would generate more money at the family level and actually off-set the 1/2 trillion deficit with a positive gain, not a loss. I offer as proof the tax breaks under Presidents Kennedy and Reagan. Both times the economy grew and resulted in positive cash due to a roll-back in the tax rates. The Democrats plan is more of the same…..Tax more, spend more. Proof…We started out 5.6 trillion in debt at the start of the Obama years and by the time he and the democrats got done we were $16 trillion in debt. If we were to listen to you all we would have to look forward to is more flat wages, unemployment, stagnant economy and zero future outlook. No thank you!!! I’ll take that lower tax rate and enjoy the living daylights out of it, thank you very much.
You also stated that in 2008 Obama and the Democrats bailed out the car companies and banks, saved thousand of auto workers jobs and thanks to Obama we now have a strong economy and auto industry. What planet do you live on Mr. Bond? Ask yourself…What caused the collapse? Answer…The failure of the housing market and that, coupled with a flat economy caused the collapse. And that sir is not my opinion. It is the stated opinion of many noted economists…fact. Why did the housing market fail?

It failed because a Democratic Congress forced the banks into granting home loans to people who would not normally qualify, knowing that the risk was high. When the banks voiced a concern they were told to “do as you’re told” if something bad happens you can always repossess the property. Home prices became way overinflated, people lost their homes, the banks got stuck with a bunch of properties that they couldn’t sell. One week before the collapse that great economic prodigy of our time, Barney Frank, declared Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack solvent and in no danger. Wrong!!! The bottom fell out, banks were in trouble and G.M who, contrary to popular belief had more assets in the loan business than the car business also went under. They were not baled out by Obama. They went into Chapter 11 and secured government loans only after going bankrupt with a lot of pleading and government regulation. Ford never accepted any government loans and Chrysler took a small loan that was paid back in less than five years. Jobs???
How can you look at Flint and say Obama and the Democrats saved us all. Our economy was flat with not growth until President Trump came in. Give credit where credit is due!!!
You couldn’t even get your parting quip right. Well, you were 1/2 right. It’s eat humble pie or eat crow. Not eat crow pie! Why am I not surprised you got that one wrong too.
Paul S. Lucas


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  1. Bonnie Beltramo   January 2, 2018 at 6:52 am

    Thanks to Dave Fleet & The Citizen for the only forum to express our opinions here in Ortonville.


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