Letters to the editor Feb. 23

Thank you Dr. Lowenstein
Dear Editor:
I want to publicly thank Dr. Linda Lowenstein, on behalf of the Ortonville Historical Society, for donating an “old” medical cabinet she inherited from her predecessor, Dr. Paul Schoen. It will be proudly displayed in our museum as an artifact from the local community.
Already we have heard comments from members; Bev said she remembered Dr. Schoen’s nurse getting hypodermic needles out of the first drawer of that turquoise colored cabinet to give her injections when she was a child; she was deathly afraid of needles. Another member, Kathy, said she would take one of her kids to Dr. Schoen for a cold and he would set all three of her kids up on the table and check them all out. Bev said he was an excellent doctor; diagnosed a shoulder problem her husband had; he was eating too much pepper on his food and this caused inflammation. He stopped peppering his food so much and the pain went away. Another member, Bob, shared how Dr. Lowenstein had saved his life. She insisted he go get a stress test for his heart, even when he resisted, as he was a young, healthy, hard-working man and didn’t have time for such things. Before the stress test, the EKG revealed several blockages in his heart. Dr. Linda met him at the clinic and walked with him to the hospital to get him to go. He had several bypass surgeries and a long recovery, but made it due to her unusual tactics. He said the new doctor, Dr. Young, reminded him of Dr. Lowenstein when she first came to Ortonville as a young D.O.
The Old Mill Museum, 366 Mill St. is undergoing some reorganization to accommodate Dr. Schoen’s cabinet during the next few weeks. In addition we hope to free up more space on the main floor to accommodate a larger area for visitors to sit down and chat with our docents, have a cup of coffee and/or do some research. The museum will open for the 2019 season on April 6, Saturday, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., and every Saturday until December. Docents are available for FREE guided tours or visitors may peruse the displays on their own. We welcome new members to the organization at any time.
Judy Miracle, president Ortonville Community Historical Society.
(In response to Back in time, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Feb. 16, page 7)
Repeat a lie
Dear Editor,
Ms. Beltramo…Your pettiness amazes even me! Amazes yes, surprises me, No. You were able to take a simple typo ( I put a 7 instead of a 3) and twist it around to suit your own agenda. I noticed you conveniently didn’t even comment (or disagree) regarding what I wrote about to begin with. Comparing President Trump’s tweets with the unacceptable, vulgar comments made by Ms. Tlaib is like comparing apples and oranges. If you can point out even 1 instance where President Trump used that kind of language in a tweet then please share that with the rest of us. Additionally, you try to deflect any critisisem by using that same old left-wing stand-by, namely, accusing someone else of the same thing without a shred of truth. Oops, I forgot, the truth doesn’t really mean anything to you. What’s that old saying “ Repeat a lie enough times and eventually people will start to believe it.”
Just for you I’ve misspelled a word above so you’ll have something new to whine about.
Hint…It starts with a “C”.
Paul S. Lucas
Dress fix
Dear Editor,
I just wanted to make a short comment concerning our new governor, and the dress she chose to wear for her inaugural speech.
I voted for you, Gretchen, but I have a bit of advice for you.
“Fix the damn dress.”
Sylvia Runyon

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