Letters to the editor July 21

Village Kids Breakfast Club
Dear Editor,
I just wanted to give you an exciting update on what’s been happening with the Village Kids Breakfast Club.
We’ve had a wonderful time so far this summer with our activities and cereal and milk distributions.
We have 46 kids signed up and on average we’ve been distributing cereal to 39 children and their families every week. We’ve distributed 230 boxes of cereal so far this summer. Most importantly, I want to again thank the community for their generosity and continued support of this very important Backyard Mission of the Village Church.
Thank you to everyone who has been donating cereal at the drop box in Bueches and for the monetary support that has been sent to cover the milk bill from Cook’s Farm Dairy. We know it takes a village and we couldn’t do this without you. We do humbly ask for the community’s continued support through the end of August. For those families who would benefit from the breakfast club, it’s not too late to start attending. We meet every Sunday at 12:30 p.m at 93 Church St. Check out our website at ortonvilleumc.org or call 248-627-3125 or you can just show up.
Lisa Merglewski
Lay Leader & VKBC Coordinator
Ortonville UMC

Red Don
Dear Editor,
Dorinda Hackenback, long time Brandon Township resident and screen writer for the 1962 political thriller, Manchurian Candidate, is suing Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin for copyright infringement over his July 16, 2018 private meeting with Trump in Helsinki.
In the movie, Raymond Shaw is brainwashed into becoming an unwitting assassin for the Commies, doing their bidding to gain control of America’s government. After years of being a “sleeper”, his handlers contrive a fake injury to admit him to a private hospital. There the Commies confirm that the brainwashing persists. Raymond is still under their control.
Hackenback’s suit contends that Putin stole this page out of her screenplay: “This is blatant theft of my idea,” the writer said. “To get Trump alone, isolated without any American aides or diplomats, clearly to check out that the mind control linkages are working, well, I was ahead of that curve.”
Hackenback’s theory couples nicely with Trump’s obvious bromance with the Russian thug, Trump’s reluctance to criticize Putin’s murdering of journalists and dissidents and his non-stop praise of the ex KGB officer.
“I don’t want any money,” Hackenback said. “I just want the movie rights when we become a satellite state of Russia’s. We have a script in progress. The working title is Red Don.”
Bonnie Beltramo

Focus on future
Dear Editor,
I too have been attending the Brandon Townships board meetings since the time Scott Broughton was chosen by the board. As Mr. Gibbons stated, Scott Broughton will keep our taxes low. However, I want a trustee that is willing to start the discussion that this community has some problems that need to be addressed.
In the ten years my family and I lived here our school has lost over 20 percent of its enrollment numbers. We have closed two schools and our high school is at half occupancy.
We are losing $700K every year in state funding due to the decline. Yet surrounding schools are back to their pre-recession enrollment numbers.
I questioned Scott about investing in the community, to attract young families; his response was, “Heath, it is not my problem that you are not happy with the demographic of the community”.
Currently dog food needs to be dumped down the toilets of the school in order to keep the septic tanks running. Otherwise the DEQ will close the school down. The McDonalds repeatedly has to close their lobby because of septic tank issues. Yet, these are not problems that we as a community should be addressing???
I wanted to give my children the same country experience that I grew up with. I did not move here because I hated the city, I moved here because I loved the country. Yet, sadly I realized that the board is not willing to invest in the community members that chose to live here, not to mention investing to attract new residents.
Obviously, Scott does not share my same concerns, so I will not be voting for him. We already have enough board members that only focus on their tax bills, I am looking for one that focuses on the future of this community and is willing to start the hard discussions.
  Heath D. Zietz

Vote Rumball
Dear Editor,
I urge the citizens to support and vote for Jason Rumball in the August Primary election for the position of Township Trustee. Jayson is a bright, articulate family man who lives and works in our community. Jayson has served on the Township board in the past and proved his worth during his previous term. I had the pleasure of working with Jayson while a member of the Township Board and found him to be a Trustee who was committed to doing what is right for our community. Jayson understands the budget, is fiscally responsible, is not afraid to ask hard questions and will never be a rubber stamp. I will be voting for Jayson and ask that you support him as well.
Ronald Lapp
Brandon Township
Former Brandon Township Supervisor/Trustee

Vote Broughton
Dear Editor,
I believe in order to make improvements to a situation, you never “throw the baby out with the bath water”. Instead one should maintain what is operating and functioning properly and replace those things that are not up to your standards. With the current election for Brandon Township Trustee, the community has a sitting Trustee on the Board that is honest, insightful, diligent, intelligent and resourceful.
It has been my great privilege to serve with Scott Broughton on the current Brandon Board of Trustees, and find him to be the very model of what a local governmental official should aspire to be.
I gladly l offer my support to Scott Broughton for Brandon Township Trustee.
Bob Marshall
Brandon Township Trustee

Vote Broughton
Dear Editor,
In August of this year, an election will be held to determine a Trustee position on the Brandon Township Board. I hope that you will consider supporting Scott Broughton for this position.
Scott has served as township trustee for the past seventeen months. He has been a Brandon Township resident for 22 years and a strong proponent in keeping our township rural which is one of the reasons many of us have chosen to live here.
Scott is a supporter of our Fire and Police and has supported funding for their services. He has served on the Township Road subcommittee where he has supported conducting speed studies on our gravel roads to determine if speed limits may be reduced in some of the highly traveled areas.
Scott is a fiscal conservative and voted no to the Township purchase of the Belle Ann Elementary school for relocation of Township offices, Sheriff’s substation and the Senior Center saving taxpayers over one million dollars. He also voted no to the Iron Belle Trail which saved approximately eight million dollars.
Scott will work hard to keep Brandon Township rural. I hope that you will vote for him for Trustee.
Paul Barber

Vote Broughton
Dear Editor,
My philosophy is simple: leaders need to lead by example so they can take the lead in the work to be done as well as building relationships. Scott Broughton shows that leadership in the boardroom, the committees he is part of, and the “extra mile” he takes, like working during the community dump day. Elect a leader-elect Scott Broughton.
Terri Darnall

Vote Prince
Dear Editor
I am running for the Partial-Term Trustee position in Brandon and I will be on your November ballot. The Brandon Clerk’s office can answer any questions you have about voting here. Their number is 627-2851. They also have pamphlets by the front door to the Township Offices containing all important dates and absentee voter info for the 2018 Elections. Please plan to vote and encourage others to vote !
For residents who don’t know of me, a brief introduction. I am running for Trustee because I care about this community, I am interested in what happens here, and I have 3 young daughters who I want to enjoy being raised here enough to return someday. I graduated from Georgia Tech with no student loan debt due to scholarships I received and always holding a job while in college, sometimes taking a semester off to work full-time. My employer then paid for my MBA at Wayne State during a management training program. I spent years working in Automotive parts and assembly plants throughout SE Michigan. I have always worked very hard and been financially responsible and I plan to do the same as Trustee. My father is Retired US Air Force and my mother is a Retired AP Economics teacher. My parents shaped my value system of caring about my neighbors and being involved in my community. I value education and I want us to have a strong school district here in Brandon for years to come. As Trustee, I can make decisions that positively impact the Brandon School District. I am an independent thinker and I have a strong voice about issues that affect our community. I have a fresh perspective and I will serve with professionalism and integrity.
I look forward to hearing from voters in Brandon. Please visit my website : www.princeforbrandontrustee.com
Marisa Prince

Vote yes pathways milliage
Dear Editor,
Four years ago we came to you to vote yes on the Recreational Pathways Millage and you came through, the millage was passed. Well it is time to renew that mileage. Over the last four years., with the help of this millage, the Gale Road Path, which is part of the Iron Belle Trail, was created. Judging by the amount of traffic we see on it every day, we believe everyone is excited to have it in their community.
The next phase of the Gale Road Path will travel along Perry Rd. to join our portion of the Iron Belle Trail to Grand Blanc . But your help is needed. We are asking you to join me in voting YES on Aug. 7th for the Renewal of the Recreational Pathways Millage. For the safety of our children, the health of our families and creation of a great community. Please be aware that a split party vote will result in a spoiled ballot.
Fred & Beth Forys
Walk, Bike , Run Atlas Township Members

Yes for pathways
Dear Editor,
The Michigan Primary Election is Aug. 7, 2018. On the ballot is a question to RENEW the current 1/8th of a mill Recreational Pathways millage for construction and maintenance of them in Atlas Township. Please continue to support this effort by voting YES for the Atlas Township millage renewal of recreational pathways. Thank you for your support!
Paulette Johnson, Co-Chair
Walk, Bike, Run Atlas Township

Precinct delegate
Dear Editor,
On Aug. 7, we are having a vital primary election in Brandon Township which will decide who will be on the ballot in November. Primary elections are the foundation to our electoral process.
I served as a precinct delegate 20 years ago and stepped down due to family obligations. I am once again asking for your support as I run again for precinct delegate on behalf of Brandon Township. I have lived in the township for 39 years as I raised my family here and had the joy of watching them become productive adults, taking their place in our country. I am a conservative and hold strongly to personal freedom as guaranteed by our constitution.
In the 2016 election, several people ran for precinct delegate with hidden agendas. Instead of casting their votes for the candidates the people elected, they chose to subvert the process by running on one platform and then casting votes not in accordance with the people’s choice. I do not hold with the swamp mentality of promising one thing and doing another.
As a precinct delegate, you can support various candidates in several areas, you can support various platforms, etc., but I believe you have the obligation, the DUTY, to cast your ballots or votes for the candidate supported by the voters themselves.
If I am elected, I will hold your interests and vote preferences FIRST as I carry through my duties to you, the constituents. Please consider supporting me in my run for precinct delegate.
May God bless you and may He bless the United States of America.
Tomi Hunt,
Candidate for Brandon Township Precinct Delegate

Art in the Parks
Movie Night
Dear Editor,
On Saturday, July 14th, we held our 4th annual “Art in the Park/Movie Night”. Our turn out was very small compared to the past years but the families that attended enjoyed themselves because of the generosity of our sponsors. A big thank you goes out to Randy Wise Ford, Bueche’s Food World, ACE Hardware, MDTS Towers, Valley Tent Rental and Elowsky Lawn Service. I would like to thank Greg Norman, Director of OTV, for his professionalism preparing the coverage of this event and working with our sponsorships.
I would like to give my appreciation to the entire staff at The Citizen newspaper. Throughout the 19 years that I have associated with the paper with advertising, interviews, articles, special events, special notices and more, has been rewarding. Knowing that your message to the public is professionally prepared by their staff and proofed before it goes out. Working with Jim Sherman and Jackie Nowicki owner and advertising manager is second to none.
Respectfully Submitted
Fred Waybrant, Director
Brandon Township Parks and Recreation

Right to life

Dear Editor:
It is that time again when voters rely on voter guides from various organizations to help them decide who they will vote for in the August 7th election and again in November.
Many candidates are not properly represented when endorsements come out. One example is the 51st District House race. Michigan Right to Life has endorsed only one candidate which would lead you to believe all other candidates are not pro-life. Not true!
I am personally acquainted with Matt Anderton, and he serves on the Board for the Flint Crisis Pregnancy Center. He has a history of pro-life work and is a Christian conservative.
Ian Shetron is well known to me in that he has prayed in front of abortion clinics and has made it possible for us to get ultrasound machines into our crisis pregnancy centers where 95% of the mothers who see the image of their baby’s heart beat or sucking their thumb on an ultrasound choose life.
Many candidates can’t get a questionnaire from Michigan Right to Life and are told they are not electable, something we think you the voter should decide. When a candidate wraps on your door, their pro-life position is questioned because they don’t appear in a voter guide.
So, be careful with the voter guides you use in that many may be misleading. Genesee County has many wonderful pro-life candidates running, and you deserve to be told who is pro-life; not who in someone’s opinion is electable.
Flint Right to Life does not endorse but it is our job to educate you.
Judy Climer, President
Flint Right to Life