Letters to the Editor July 30, 2022

Roe V. Wade
(Editor’s note: In response to Roe V. Wade, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, July 23, page 4.)
First off, I stated all Christians should support life. People of the Jewish and Muslim faith are NOT Christians. Abortion does not belong in America. I invite you to google the non-religious “Abortion: A Physician’s Story by Shelly Theobald, M.D.
The word “health” lacks a hard definition, and people freely apply it not only to matters of grave physical health but also to mental health, economic health, and even social health. The issue of the life of the mother, though, is explicit and the word health demonstrates the misuse of this exemption in abortion law. Cases in which a pregnancy may threaten the life of the mother are extremely rare. Per the NRLC.org (National Right to Life Committee), the majority (93 percent) of abortions are performed for “social reasons,” while the mother’s health is cited in only 3 percent of the cases; 3 percent the baby’s health is cited, and 1 percent cites rape or incest.
Once you understand how reproduction works, it’s clear when there’s a genetically distinct human organism, and that point is conception. Number one, if the unborn is growing, it must be alive (a living organism-basic biology). Number two, if it has human parents, it must be human (a living human organism). Number three, living humans or human beings like you and me, are valuable, aren’t they?
Sandra Fullmer
Brandon Township

Dogs on the loose
Please include this link for dog owners in the village. Owners have been witness to their loose dogs. Also, please clean up after your dog. We clean up after our dogs and don’t expect others to do so.
Kim Noble

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