Letters to the Editor June 12, 2021

Memorial Day
Dear Editor,
This is the real reason why Memorial Day is observed: Great Lakes National Cemetery, Holly opened and first burial 2005 now16 years later 50,199 veterans there. May 2021—520 burials total so far in 2021—640 burials.
The Ortonville Cemetery 510 veterans and Seymour Lake Cemetery, 90 veterans buried there. For information on joining the VFW call Dennis (248) 627-1065 thank you.
Dennis Hoffman, Ortonville VFW
(In response to, “Oakland County Fair opening decision excepted this week,” The Citizen June 5, page 6)
Fair important
Dear Editor:
I was pleased to read your June 3rd article about the anticipated decision of the Oakland County Parks and Health Department to reopen the Oakland County Fair this year. I know how much this means to my neighbors here in Oxford and Brandon Township. The event begins on July 9th, which is only four weeks from now. I hope the Department’s decision occurs soon and is favorable.
Participating as an entrant in the Fair is hard work. These kids have been getting ready to display their animals or other projects for nearly a year. The Parks Department knows how to safely reopen such events, given what we know about the virus. I sincerely hope we don’t disappoint these kids another year.
While I don’t have any children participating, I’m looking forward to attending this year. When I learned the organizers needed our help because of sponsor cancellations last year, I was happy to donate today to help buy awards for the kids. I know the Fair means a lot to our community. Please consider helping out if you can. Jay R. TaylorBrandon Township
(In response to, “Oakland County Fair opening decision excepted this week,” The Citizen June 5, page 6)
Parent of a ‘Fair Kid’
Dear Editor:
Most people know about the Oakland County Fair. It has been around since 1880. If you attended in the past, you might have spent a day walking through the barns, going on the rides, and enjoying carnival food. What you didn’t see were all the things going on behind the scenes.
The kids put in a tremendous amount of hard work with their animals over the past year feeding, training, and cleaning up after the animals to get them ready for this brief time in the summer. The youth are even involved in preparing the barns by putting up gates, painting and setting up pens in the barns to get ready for the animals, and cleaning the barns when the public goes home. The Fair gives these kids their only opportunity to proudly show off all types of accomplishments, from displaying a school project in the Ellis barn to raising a steer. Once they arrive at the Fairgrounds, these youth spend nine days taking care of the animals, showing them, hanging out in the campground with friends, enjoying rides, and just being kids.
As parent of a “Fair Kid” for the last eight years and a previous 4-H leader, I have seen what participation in this Fair means to the youth of Oakland County. Each child works hard to show a whole year’s worth of projects at the Fair, and the impact on their development is incredible. I have seen my child go from being shy and reserved to becoming a youth who openly speaks with adults about raising chickens and goats.
Last year was devastating to many kids across the country, except here in Oakland County. While others stopped operating because of the pandemic, the Oakland Fair Board bent over backward, creating a new Fair to fit within State guidelines. They were not going to quit on the kids. While the event had to be closed to the public, the kids could still exhibit their animals and sell them at the Virtual Auction. I am so very grateful for all their work.

This year we expect the 2021 Oakland County Fair to be open to the public from July 9-18. We hope to see you there to help us cheer on the exhibitors. But we also need your help.
The Fair lost sponsors because of the situation last year and requires people to step up. Please become a sponsor or make a donation to help purchase awards for the kids. There are the links on the Oakland County Fair website, for ribbons and trophies https://www.oakfair.org/p/about/donate/ribbon-and-trophy-donation, and https://www.oakfair.org/p/about/151 for a general donation. Thank you in advance for helping save the Oakland County Fair. Susan Hagen, Ortonville.

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