Letters to the editor: March 4, 2017

Sovereignty, freedom

Dear Editor

Most Americans don’t know the true significance of the 2016 election.

In 1936 Joseph Stalin said, …” We will form regional socialist governments and they will be merged into a World Socialist Government.”

The UN was formed with the intention of becoming the World Government.

The European Union, first formed as the Common Market trade area, is an example of one of these regional governments.

In 1992 Globalist, former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger said that NAFTA was the foundation of a New World Order. Trade agreements like NAFTA and the TPP are designed with the goal of forming regional governments.

The 2016 election was supposed to be another election in which Globalists like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton would get their party nominations. The Globalist, establishment heavily financed both of them. However, Donald Trump, a believer in a free and independent America, had the money to finance his own election and defeated the globalist Democrats and Republications.

Donald Trump is a leader in a worldwide movement to stop this “global dictatorship”. Some Globalists in Europe have already been defeated and others are in political trouble.

In the USA the Globalist group, the Council on Foreign Relations, for over 50 years, has controlled our media, government institutions and the Presidency. These elitists, both Democrats and Republicans want Trump removed before their dreams of the New World Order are stopped.

Like him or not, Donald Trump is fighting to preserve our sovereignty and freedom.

Walter Dilber

Groveland Twp.

Lock him up

Dear Editor,

Concerning Donald J. Trump in America we don’t have a dictator as a ruler. We have three equal branches of government. Your house of cards is beginning to fall. Mrs. Flynn is already out. We are all aware of this speaking with the Russians on his own, and then lying about it.

Lock him up. Lock him up. Lock him up.

You are so unqualified to be president of our beloved country. Every time I hear you doing your childish rant on TV, one word that describes you comes to my mind. That word is “uncouth.” I had to go to the dictionary to see exactly how Mr.Webster defines the word. Here is the definition he gives.

Uncouth: 1) Unknown, strange, awkward and clumsy in shape as appearance.

2) Vulgar in conduct as speech, rude.

Yes my definition and instinct was totally correct in the manner of how I view you.

Yes uncouth describes you “Trump”.

Sylvia Runyon

Patriotism, conservatism, morality

Dear Editor,

This week it’s a two-fer. I’m in receipt of the two estrogen-soaked rants leveled at me.

First things first. Space constraints prohibited me from expounding on minority women. Let’s probe that. What has liberal doctrine done for minority women? Absolutely nothing. Oh sure, they court their votes. They gin up imagined grievances. And they put abortion mills in their neighborhoods. Most of them are run by that megacorporate baby-parts merchant named Planned Parenthood. They have huge freeway billboards promoting their abortion craft through these communities. But when the election rolls around, liberals suddenly show up in campaign mode. I believe it is time to reach out to minority communities in a meaningful way. Patriotism, conservatism, morality and God are blessed ways to live. Everyone should be allowed to live that and prosper.

We have an opportunity now that the tide has turned, folks.

Liberal logic illustrated point number two: Mexico’s president behaves like an arrogant crapweasel who won’t respect our immigration laws. Somehow, that is President Trump’s fault. Got it. Mexico has very severe immigration laws. But we won’t mention that whenever we advocate for lawbreakers instead of Americans. So noted.

The Women’s March. Of vital importance: A former Nazi employee funded only some of the numbers of groups. Other insignificant individuals wasted their own money to get there. Great. So noted.

Next, I realize that writing draws the ire of liberals, including liberal men. But since I prefer to keep company of strong, masculine, chivalrous alpha men, that is not a problem for me.

Lastly, thank you Mr. Gromek. God Bless you and yours.


Tamara Itoney-Carden

Burke named founding father

Dear Editor,

Edmund Burke, Irish statesman and Eighteenth Century philosopher, was unexpectedly named a Founding Father of the United States last week by Viewpoint contributor Paul S. Lucas.

Mr. Lucas “paraphrased” Burke’s most famous quote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” and assigned it to “one of our Founding Fathers.” conferring upon the Irishman our most revered title, even though Burke never set foot upon our continent.

Reached posthumously (that means after he died, for Trump supporters reading this) by Ouija board, Burke was flattered by the honor. “I was supportive of the colonies while in Parliament,” he spelled out, moving the planchette, “But I’m Irish.”

Joining the ranks of Jefferson and Adams, Burke will be photoshopped into pictures signing the Declaration of Independence. Washington will gain an image of Burke alongside him as he crosses the Delaware.

“We are grateful to Mr. Lucas for pointing out this historical omission to us, as he did in his February 25, 2017 letter citing Ms. Celia Ryker’s ‘inaccuracies’ in her own letter to the Citizen,” noted Presidential historian and longtime Brandon Township resident Dorinda Hackenback stated. “Although Mr. Lucas suggests that Ms. Ryker employ a news source other than Marvel Comics, I gotta tell ya Captain America was upset when he found out we had been ignoring this Founding Father for over 240 years. We can now set the record straight.”

Mr. Lucas was not reached for comment.

Bonnie Beltramo