Letters to the editor May 11

Thank you Rock and Rakers
Dear Editor,
To all the ‘Rock and Rakers’ on April 27.
A late, but very grateful thanks to all the wonderful volunteers. They did a great favor to me by cleaning my yard. They are truly earth angels.
Thanks again to all of you.
LInda Duman
Drinkwine family rocks
Dear Editor,
Kudos to the Drinkwine family, John, Suzie, Cub Scout Kelly, and Trail Boss Dad, Gil, for their kind efforts, tidying up my Wildlife Habitat property. Even though the wildlife were a bit daunting (including an abundance of wasps who were also enjoying the spring sunshine), the Drinkwine family soldiered on, picking up fallen branches, raking garden beds, and washing outside windows, as part of Ortonville’s Rocking and Raking program.
For several years now, Rockers and Rakers have shown up to do these spring chores that I can no longer do. Now that my 90th birthday is approaching, I appreciate them even more.
Thank you, Ortonville, for your kind and generous spirit. Thank you Jayson Rumball, Sharon Gibbons, Candee Allen, Faye Bindig and Kim Zernec, for all the behind-the scenes organizing. And Thank you, Drinkwine family.
Lois B. Robbins
Thank you teachers
Dear Editor,
This week, May 5-11, was National Teacher Appreciation week. I started to reflect on the 15 plus years our two kids attended Brandon Schools. I have nothing but positive and great memories of each year and each teacher!
I wanted to say THANK YOU to all Brandon teachers and especially to those teachers who taught my children. You kept them focused on the subject being taught. I learned quickly that for best results was to continue your classroom message at home. I saw how supporting your teaching resulted in positive results. Because of the work that you did both of my kids are working on degrees with honors.
Because of you we are and will always be Blackhawks!!!
Diane Salter
Pool center of community
Dear Editor,
I was a member of the Brandon Board of Education in 1996 when the bonds were proposed and passed for the middle school, technology and pool. Although I did not support the school district building and maintaining a pool, the community passed the bond. It was passed in large part because the intent of the Board, and the message delivered, was to use the pool as a community facility. The pool would be the center of a community based aqua and fitness center, intended to allow seniors, adults and young children the opportunity to take classes and utilize open swim times.
I share this information to ensure that it is clear the Brandon Board of Education at that time developed, supported and through taxpayer funding, built a community based facility.
Beth Nuccio
Brandon Board of Education
Pool issues
Dear Editor,
I have been made aware that the Brandon Board of Education is considering restricting use of the Brandon High School pool to Brandon School District’s student classes only.
When pool construction was proposed as a ballot issue in the May 6, 1996 election, there was much Board and community discussion about who should have access to the pool facilities. General discussion by the Board at the time was that the pool should be available to the entire Brandon School District community since it would be a valuable asset to all citizen taxpayers who would take on its long term debt. To restrict use of the pool, I believe, would be a disservice to those taxpayers, our current taxpayers, and to future Brandon School District citizens.
Judith Learst Flynn
Team Kayleigh Hogan
Dear Editor,
On April 10, 2019 Kayleigh May Hogan lost her battle with brain cancer and leukemia after a five year fight.
Thank you “Team Kayleigh Hogan” of Cincinnati and Ortonville whose prayers and donations supported her brave fight.
Herb and Sue Hogan