Letters to the Editor Nov. 18, 2023

OCEF Drive
Thank you to all the local schools, churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals who donated to our OCEF Thanksgiving food drive! We had an extremely generous collection of items, Bueches gift cards, cash and paypal donations to oceffoodpantry.org. Thank you also to all of the volunteers that helped us sort our donations on November 12. Around 100 families will be helped this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is made possible because of the generous community we are blessed to be a part of. Thank you Ortonville!
The OCEF Board

Thank you
We still have angels living among us, here in Ortonville. I had a visit from them to my home on Oakwood Road again this year. They were the men, women, teens and children from Woodside Bible Church.
They were here to rake leaves and haul them away, not an easy job as I have several large trees. When they were finished, my yard looked as though it had been swept by angels. In reality it was done with rakes, leaf blowers and real people with the heart of an angel.
Thank you so very much.
Sylvia Runyon

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