Reward in abandoned dogs case swells

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp. — The reward to find the person or persons who dumped four dogs in Brandon Township on New Years Eve is up over $2,000.
“I will pray every day that we can get the word out,” said Tina Drescher. “I hope it will bring somebody forward and raising that reward will help because to some people, money talks.”
The four dogs were discovered in the area near Sands and Sawmill Lake roads on New Years Eve. Two of the dogs were able to be caught on Dec. 31, and one on Jan. 1. While trying to catch them, the dogs charged Oakland County Sheriff Deputies and one was put down in the area. She was later buried by a resident after the other three dogs had been caught.
The three dogs were later euthanized at Oakland County Animal Control. The younger male and female were euthanized for aggression, and the other male was euthanized for his medical issues.
Drescher started a go-fund-me page for the reward, and others who wanted to commit money have done so through Kim Hagar, the wife of Boat Bar owner John Hagar.
“It’s breaking my heart, but it also makes me want to push forward and find out who did this because this is really not okay,” said Drescher. “I don’t know what made me drive out there and try to help. I just love animals, I have four rescues of my own.”
If the responsible isn’t found, the money donated through the go-fund-me page, which can be found on our website, will be distributed to animal rescues in Oakland County. Hagar is collecting commitments, but is not collecting money.
“I will not be collecting any money, I’m just taking names, numbers and commitments of those that would like to offer a reward,” she said. “If someone comes forward with the actual person or persons that did this, I will turn this over to the Brandon Sub Station for verification and those that committed to the reward fund will be contacted so they can drop the money off to the Brandon Substation and the police can hand out the money at that time once everything is verified.”
Hagar stresses that the Oakland County Sheriff is not collecting the money or taking commitments, and to contact her to get involved either through a private Facebook message or to leave a message for her at the Boat Bar, 248-627-4419.
“I want to say thank you very much for all that were able to offer donation commitments and also to those that are sharing to help keep this awful story alive,” said Hagar. “Also, please remember there will be no investigation unless credible information is obtained. We need someone to come forward to get any type of justice for these dogs.”
Anyone with information on who may have owned or left these dogs, or has evidence of who left them in the area, can contact Oakland County Sheriff’s Office or Oakland County Animal Control.

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