Septic System Awareness month

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville- September is septic system awareness month, and the village is raising awareness with their month-long Septic Smart resolution. Each week the village will have a different septic notice posted on their website and facebook page, and postcards have gone out to all village residents. The second week’s notices are ‘shield your field’ and ‘proper landscaping.’
Many environmental factors can affect a septic system, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, but some ways to prevent an issue are to not park or drive on the drain field, and keep drainage to a minimum. Keep roof drains, sump pumps and other rainwater drainage systems away from the area as excess water slows down or stops the treatment process.
Another important factor is plant life. While it’s important to keep trees and bushes a good distance from the drain field to prevent roots from growing into the system, plants over the drain field can be a good thing because they absorb excess water in the ground and prevent erosion. Planting grass over the field is a good idea, as opposed to leaving the ground bare. Perennials are also good to plant over the drainage field, as they have shallow root systems that are less likely to damage the system. However, produce grown over a drainage field is not safe for consumption as they may contain harmful bacteria.
The village is partnering with Harrison Hoe Sanitation once again this year. Village residents who call during the month of September and make an appointment for a septic tank cleaning will receive a $20 discount as long as they mention their postcard when making their appointment. Call Harrison Hoe at (248) 627-5600 to make an appointment and watch for a weekly feature on septic system maintenance.
Also keep an eye out for the goodie bags from the DDA at Septemberfest, that will have dog waste bags, grease bags and more for septic protection and awareness.

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