Smoothies, lunch for front line workers

By David Fleet
In just 14 hours, a local eatery along with Ortonville residents rallied and reached out to more than 70 area first responders, healthcare workers and food suppliers as they work tirelessly to care for those who have been impacted by the COVID-19.
On Wednesday, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, 1152 S, Ortonville Road joined a countrywide challenge to donate smoothies to those on the local front lines during the pandemic.
Melissa Bosek, Tropical Smoothie Cafe-Ortonville owner said what started out as “just smoothies” ended up a lot more thanks to some very generous local donations. Bosek contacted Esther Skiba of Ortonville Strong who donated $10 to the smoothie initiative and posted the plan on Ortonville Strong Facebook page.
“Within 14 hours we had enough to not only buy smoothies for local front line workers but also lunch—it was overwhelming,” said Bosek. “We fed lunch and smoothies to the workers at Bueche’s Food World and M-15 Urgent Care, in addition to firefighters at Groveland and Brandon townships along with all the officers at the Oakland County Sheriff substation. It just made me so happy—with the help of this community everyone had lunch.”

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