Tips to prevent broken hips

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
On July 16 the Brandon Township Public Library is once again hosting Ina Golden. She will be giving her presentation Tips to Prevent Broken Hips.
The presentation focuses on how to prevent falls and strengthen the body to react better to falls. “It impacts their quality of life and can lead to early death,” said Golden. “And those that want to live in their own homes, they may have to leave their home of many, many years to go to a senior or assisted living. Look at stairs, all you have to do is miss-que one and down you go.”
The presentation covers a variety of subjects, including statistics on falling, a proper diet to help prevent falls, what medications can increase the risk, assistive devices, how to get help, fall-proofing a house and what to do if a fall happens.
“One in three adults age 65 and older falls each year,” said Golden. “Of those, 20-30 percent suffer moderate to severe injuries.”
Golden also says it is the leading cause in accidental death for those over the age of 65, and it should not be a normal part of getting older. According to her presentation, there are some medications linked with an increased risk of falling, and there are things those at risk could be doing to stay safe. A healthy diet can strengthen bones and reduce dizziness, clear walkways and steps can help avoid obstacles, and solid furniture and rugs could make a person more steady on their feet.
“Stay physically and socially active,” said Golden. “And talk to the doctor, tell them if you’re having problems.”While there are many physical and personal effects on those who fall, she also says that the average hospitalization cost for a fall in 2012 was $35,000. “